So We Egged Some Houses Yesterday

I’m always looking for fun family activities around these parts. It’s hard to find things that all ages will get into.  And when I stumble upon them, I open them up to the church.

Because that’s my job.

(And if I’ve not mentioned how much I love my job, let me just reiterate that now.  Seriously.  I am so blessed.)

I came across the idea of “egging” a month or two ago via this blog post.  I fell in love with the idea, shot the link to my two partners in ministry crime, who also loved the idea, and I added it to the church calendar.

Do you know how much fun it is to stand up in front of the congregation and tell them you’re taking the children to egg houses?  Even better is when it just says that we’re egging houses in the bulletin.  I like to get them talking!

Anywho, our plan was set in motion.

Since the gal I borrowed the idea from appeared to egg the houses of those she knew, I wanted ours to have a more ministry feel, but at the same time be loads of fun.

So, we set a goal of 20 houses.  We reached out to the congregation and asked if they knew of anyone who would appreciate this gesture.  Our goal wasn’t to reach the lost or the homebounds – rather to be led by the Spirit in where we should egg.

Additionally, we didn’t want to egg too many people who knew what we were up to as we wanted this to be a blessing and a surprise!

One member of our church mentioned it had been years since she’d hunted eggs (she’s in her 70s) so we made a mental note and added her to our list.  We had one family in the community who lost their wife/mother about this time last year and so they were added to our list.

Other than that, the rules were fairly simple… drive along, attempt to find houses where no one is home (I didn’t want my kids getting shot at!), hide eggs and move on to the next house.

Simple right?

And it was.

Prior to the egging I collected eggs an goodies.  These eggs were filled with candy that wouldn’t melt, little treats, notes, and of course, there’s one empty egg – that’s the purpose!  To remind them of the season!

The day of the egging I had the kids make up their bags and put one empty egg, 11 filled eggs and a “You’ve Been Egged” poster.  (This last part is imperative.  And I didn’t check before we left the church.  My little ones forgot the posters in some of them, so we had to go back to the church…)

We divided into groups and set out – again – go where the Spirit leads you.

This was a harder concept for some to grasp.  When we do our RACKing (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness), we have specific places that we’re targeting.  The drivers (and other adults) were instructed to let the kids figure out where to stop.

And we were off.

The hubs and I had the two elementary kids (and Thing 1 joined us halfway through.)  They were so comical.  We kept telling them that they needed to hide and run, but the were so meticulous about finding the perfect hiding space for their eggs and making sure they each got to hide six eggs at each house.


And the tape, wind and sign tied them up quite a bit, so that became my job.


Once we finished the few houses of people we knew, and started targeting houses based on whether or not it looked like anyone was home, it became even more fun.

Because you know how much fun it is to be doing something secret and trying not to get caught.  We’d roll up to a house, the kids would pile out of the car (and take forever while the hubs is yelling “hurry up!” because I’m sure his experience of egging is very different from what we were attempting to accomplish.)

They’d get back in the car and we’d go on to the next spot.

Our group got caught once… the homeowners pulled in the driveway as the kids were hiding the last egg so of course, I went over and introduced myself.

They seemed less than thrilled with what we were doing until I mentioned there were treats in the eggs.  The wife’s eyes perked up and said, “oh good!  Chocolate.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her there was only non-meltable candy strewn about her yard.

One of the kids had a great idea for a house of someone in the community we knew but when we pulled in their driveway, there was already a sign on the door.  They had been egged by the other group.  (And this happened to them as well… so it was neat to see where the kids’ minds were thinking alike.)

Our neighbors passed us on the road, and so we high tailed it for their house.  After we finished there, we thought about the man who walks his dog every day, several times a day, and went toward his house.  We weren’t sure which house they lived in, but as God would have it, they were sitting in their driveway getting ready to go somewhere.  So we hid in the car on around the corner until we saw them leave.

Just like a real stakeout.  Complete with out own getaway driver!


It was so cool.

And then, there was just one bag left.  As we’re driving we approached the house of a couple who go to our church, but he’s been so sick lately, they’ve not been able to come.

Their house sits way off the road and halfway down their little private road I saw they were home.  I instructed the hubs to not pull all the way up to the house and told the kids to go hard and fast, being as quiet as possible.

By this time, we are experts at covert operations and the kids (and adults) were really getting into it.

We quietly snuck down the rest of their long driveway.  The kids stayed low under the windows hiding the eggs while I headed to the door they use most to hang the sign.  Not three minutes later, I hear Thing 4 in her loudest whisper, “Move out!  Move out!”

And we all ran back to the car.

We reconvened at the church and shared our stories.  One group got to see the kids at one house hunting for the eggs after they got home and LOVED seeing their excitement.

Remember the member of our congregation who mentioned she’d not hunted eggs in years?  When she got home, she called to tell me how much fun she and her husband had hunting eggs.  Her voice was that of a five year old who had just done the same thing.

Our goal of being a blessing was reached and the kids (and adults) can’t wait to do it again next year!


Tuesday Reviewsday: TwirlyGirl Dress #sponsored

tuesday-reviewsday Disclaimer:  I received the Truly Tankful Dress from TwirlyGirl in exchange for my honest review of their product.  No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.

Thing 4 is as tomboy-ish and as girly as they come.  This is in large part due to having an older, very girly sister AND two older, very boyish brothers.

She’s versatile.

But she LOVES dresses.

And I mean LOVES them.

Thing 4 loves girls party dresses like these.  She really never needs an excuse to wear a dress, and she has been known to wear a girls party dress AND cleats at the same time.

See?  Versatile. :)

So when I told her about TwirlyGirl, she was very excited.  “A whole website filled with party dresses for girls?” She enquired.

“Yes,” I told her as her eyes grew as big as saucers, “A whole website filled with girls party dresses.”

And then her Truly Tankful Dress arrived.

It was on within minutes.

girl party dresses

One of the problems I have with most girl party dresses is that Thing 4 is tall yet skinny.  So, length can sometimes be an issue, but she LOVED that the Truly Tankful Dress went perfect with her pink pants… and then was even more excited that Twirly Girl sells the “cutest” (insert high pitched voice of my 9 year old) leggings.


She’s my girly girl.

I was impressed with the durability.  The dress had, what I like to call “normal” washing instructions.  I have four kids and don’t have time for specialty instructions.  This particular dress I hung on the line instead of putting in the dryer, as there was a little spandex (just 4% in this dress) and with it being on the shorter side (for her) – I just hung it out to dry and BONUS!  No ironing!

Another thing that I love about their website is that they list not only the materials used in the clothing, but also a more details description and the washing instructions.  To me, there is nothing worse than receiving a garment only to find out that it’s the hardest thing in the world to care for.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.20.37 PM

(Oh!  and the brain teasers?  My little brainiac LOVED that part!)

Thing 4 has worn this dress to school with a cover up (as they are not allowed to wear anything showing their shoulders) and leggings.  She’s worn it out to social functions and it can be dressed up or dressed down.  She’s begging me to get one of the dresses that actually twirls…

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.52.17 PM


If you have  girly girl that loves dresses, and everything girly, I highly recommend TwirlyGirl.  In fact, as I’ve mentioned in my instagram, facebook and twitter posts, I’ve got a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase at TwirlyGirl.  Use code JOYTG18.  All you’ll need to do is enter the coupon code in the “coupon code” box at check out.  (Please note:  this code expires 4.14.14 and does not apply to sale items, gift certificates, or “design your own dress” feature.)

TwirlyGirl dresses actually make me want to be a little girl again.  I could see myself asking for many of these dresses for Easter.  (And dress sizes run from 2T up!)

If you would like to see TwirlyGirl’s entire collection, shop here.



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