Operation No Real Pants

I’ll admit.

I’m on the leggings bandwagon.

I wasn’t.  I was against it.  Probably because I wasn’t educated on the proper care and wearing of leggings and just saw people putting it all other there, leaving little to the imagination.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been added to eleventy-bajillion Lu La Roe groups over the past few months and have no less than ten friends who have decided to start their own boutique business and now I own a pair… or twenty.  (No, I don’t really own twenty… but I’d like to. And really, I am not excited about being added to all those groups.)

I love them.

I love their feel.

I love how cute I feel.

I love how comfortable I am.

It’s a win win… especially going into the frumpy fall and winter months.

54e75beb60d34_-_sev-leggings-meme-lgn So I’ve declared operation no real pants.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do everything in my power to NOT have to put jeans on.  And I was a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal… but I’m excited about being cute and comfy all. winter. long.

And my rationale is… working from home, it’s easy for me to sit in my jammies or throw on a frumpy pair of sweats and work… but then I’m frumpy… I’m not looking like a rock star so I don’t feel like a rock star…

But with leggings…

Different story.

Now… I love me some Lu La Roe.  And I support all of my friends (I remove myself from any other group) when I can, but I’ve also had to figure out how to do this on the cheap…

So here are a few things I’ve found…

Fabulegs – Cute leggings (or solids) for cheaper (and she runs sales)… she’s got fantastic customer service… customers pick the prints… she doesn’t believe you should have to pay more than they are worth… so she’ll reprint the leggings if there is a demand… and I like the feel just the same as Lu La Roe… LLR calls it buttery… Fabulegs calls it milky (which baffles me because I’ve never poured milk or butter on my legs so I wouldn’t know what that feels like)… bottom line… I’m still telling people to feel my legs in the Fabulegs and they are super cute.  She also has a Facebook group.

But the tops… I found myself with all kinds of leggings and no tops.  So I went on the hunt.  The irma from LLR is my favorite.  It covers everything and it’s comfortable.  After a few trial and errors… I found this brand on Amazon. It might be one of my most favorite tops ever.  I ordered a large as the review says it runs big.  (That’s what I order in Irma’s) and I think I could go to a medium, but the large isn’t horrible.  🙂  I ordered a medium just to see.

So there you have it.. a few more pairs of leggings (I have donuts and halloween ones coming soon) and a few more tops and I’ll be well on my way to not having to wear real pants all winter long…

Now I just have to figure out shoes…

Guess I’ll need to sell a few more totes to make it all happen…

Until next time…


Today’s To-Do List

My life has never been boring.  My work allows me to be who I am, capitalizes on my gifts, and provides me the flexibility to be with the kids.  It’s a win-win.

I love to look at my to-do list.  Today was a particularly busy day and I got all accomplished that I needed to.  But today’s list, while probably not out of the norm, struck me in a way that it hasn’t before.


Today I…

  • worked on my upcoming sermon
  • worked out the final details of next week’s missions trip
  • had the best pedicure I’ve ever had in my life….at a fancy day spa that I normally can’t afford but had a gift card and a coupon… score!
  • planned snack and crafts for the next four weeks of my summer program
  • created social media graphics for an investment campaign
  • made a list of the games we’ll be playing at Messy Olympics
  • shopped for said games – which included buying every can of shaving cream the Dollar Store had (all 16 of them)
  • finalized a social media campaign based on previous statistics and finished writing all the posts for the rest of the month
  • sliced massive amounts of peaches with my buddy who dries the fruit and makes peach jelly…
  • Caught Pokemon with my kids

Seriously.  I did all that today.  While I work a few jobs, most days I’m able to compartmentalize them so I’m not posting on the Investment Facebook page about the upcoming messy olympics… it’s a safety precaution, really.  But with my exciting week next week of Thrity-One Conference and missions trip, I had to get all this done today… PLUS those peaches.  I’ve been eyeing them in her kitchen for over a week and mentioned to her.. let me know when you’re ready to cut them.. I want to come help.

Because we sit and solve the world’s problems with peach juice everywhere… just like they did in the ol’ days.  (And then she makes things like peach pit jelly and I have to really wonder how she and I became friends…)

On the days when I think my life is insanely boring, I want this to look at… I want to see this… that my life is what I’m making of it… that I’m doing what I love and what I’m good at…


That I’m being me….



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