If you think the teens of today are horrible….

Then you're hanging with the wrong teens.

That's what my friend Nancy says and truthfully, I tend to agree with her.

You see, I've been in on a road trip since Thursday with 4 awesome teens and Friday ended up in Hougton, NY with 51 other teens.

Their purpose?

The Weslyean Bible Bowl National Championship.

It's my 2nd time but for Thing 1, it's his sixth. For Thing 3, it's his first.

There are eleven teams here competing on their knowledge of the book of Romans and James. It's mind blowing. Seriously mind blowing.

And we've had so much fun. From our team building at Hershey Park to the drive to the times in between competitions.

The last two years we came in third. This year? Only God knows…and we'll know tomorrow before we head 10 hours back home.

And then they have a few weeks off before we start the book of Acts and meet again next year in Indiana.

But these kids? These are a few of the kids you should know….

These are a few of the kids you should be proud of….

These are a few of the kids who aren't like “all the others”…

And I'm blessed to be a part of their lives….


Hit the Road Jack…

I’ve been on the road a lot the last few weeks, and it looks like it’s going to continue on for just a bit longer…

It happens every summer, without me even realizing it.  You know, there are things you don’t put on your calendar because you know they are happening… and then you fill in your calendar and then realize you’ve got your staples and…

Well, if you’re like me….

I’ve been tearing the high way up.

It started at the end of June when Thing 3 had his internship in Tennessee – which was really his one on one week with Papaw learning how to do all kinds of things…. I met my parents halfway in Kingsport, Tennessee.  (Bonus… got to have lunch with the ‘rents AND go to Hobby Lobby…we don’t have one here.)

Mile racked up there and back?


Then, the following Friday he had to be picked up.  (Now, I’m going to be honest… the hubs ended up being off this day and so he went to get him for me… how nice, right?)  But for the sake of our car?

Another 340 miles…

math… that’s 680 miles…


Thing 2?  She spent the week with her grandmother in Philly… however, I wasn’t quite ready to put her on the train here for six hours and up and back to Philly was out of the question… so I took her to DC….

500 miles round trip…

Two days later, I left for an overnight missions trip with some kids for church….

150 miles…

I get back and take a group of kids in our summer program on a field trip to Mabry Mill…

120 miles…

And then back up to get Thing 2 in DC when she comes home…

another 500 miles…


If my math is right (and it probably isn’t…) that’s 1950 miles in the last 3.5 weeks.

I’d like to say we’re done….. but the boys and I leave Thursday and head to Houghton, NY for Bible Quiz Nationals…

Another thousand miles…

and then?

That’s it until we go on vacation the first week in August…

Many people would HATE to be on the road this much, but I have to tell you.. I’ve had a lot of time to think, process, time with the kids, time with my hubs, and time to just marvel at the beauty of God’s creation…

And the experiences that our children have had this summer make it all worth it.

So what have you been up to this summer?



Happy Birthday to the Hubs


The hubs is 39 today. THIRTHY-NINE. And I’m almost positive after the night he’s had, he’s feeling every bit of his age and more. But regardless of being one year away from his FORTIETH birthday, he’s still a kid at heart…     And while it gets on my last every loving nerve at times, […]

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Donnie Wahlberg Engaged….I Have a Few Things to Say….

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.52.14 AM

In case you weren’t aware, Donnie Wahlberg popped the question just before Easter.  And she said yes. Of course she did.  Who wouldn’t? But a few things with this whole story have me still believing he’s not yet over me. Like a yellow sapphire. Really?  You don’t give a yellow sapphire to someone you want to […]

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Refueling with Casting Crowns


Tuesday night the hubs and I had a date. We went to the Casting Crowns concert.  We’ve seen them before… years ago in Charlottesville after we first started dating and then I saw them two years ago at eWomen. In the Green Room! I love Casting Crowns.  I love that they work with youth.  I […]

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