Tuesday Reviewsday: The Dreaded “F” Word… Fundraising #sponsored


**Disclaimer – I was compensated for making my readers aware of MoveYour Mountain.org.  All views expressed are my own. **

So, if fundraising were a sport, I’d probably be picked to be on the AllStar team.  With four kids active in sports, at church, and a Girl Scout (I’m your cookie mom!), we fundraise year round.

Add to that the fact that I’m on staff at a church and on the board of the local Rec Club and….

Yes.  We fundraise.

And I strongly dislike it.

Actually, I’m not sure who loves it.  I’m not sure who hasn’t thought, how can we give something in return for something and the profits go toward our benefit?  And the biggest question, is it worth our time?

Of course, I don’t mind selling Girl Scout cookies, because they sell themselves… (no, we don’t start selling until January 1st), and I don’t mind working the Christmas Tree lot for the Rec Club (if you’re local come see us starting 11.29) but the rest of the, well… crap?

And the pushy-ness?  I hate it.

I just said to my mother, as she sat with a plethora of fundraising catalogs spread out around her, “Mom, if there’s nothing in there you really WANT, the profit margin is 50%… they’d gladly take cash.”

And that’s what she did.

And it’s what we do.  I’m tired of peddling things to my friends.  I’m tired of coming up with the next best thing when people are being bombarded all the time with requests to buy this or buy that.

Let’s just ask for money.

Hi, my name is Heather and I’m raising money to help send my church kids to camp.  I can only thank you with the words thank you and a picture of their smiles as they have a blast…


Please don’t buy one more roll of overpriced wrapping paper!

Online fundraising and social funding are growing in popularity because you can do just that…. make people aware of your cause and not push things they don’t need.  We’ve all seen the campaigns going around and these are things I like.

I don’t have lots of money, but I’m able to help here and there… because believe it or not, $5 donations add up when you can get your cause in front of more people.  I’ve helped Joe Stanley of Upcycled Gifts fund a new van for his business ventures.  I’ve helped a family facing eviction raise money to move into a new home.  But if it weren’t for the internet, I’d have no idea these opportunities existed.


Move Your Mountain is another online fundraising platform that launched just a year ago.  With Move Your Mountain, you can raise money for anything including (but not limited to) yourself, groups, teams, politicians, start ups, non-profits and more.  You can use it to raise money for medical bills, memorials services, team trips, therapy dogs… and really anything.  (You could even attempt to fund your family vacation, although I’m not sure I’d contribute $5 to that… ;)

I know of a couple who used online fundraising to help with the cost of their first child and in return for a donation, the backers were able to be the first to find out the gender of their baby.  (The rest of us will have to wait!)

Online fundraising is on the rise and if you’re ready to get in on the action of social funding, this fundraising site might be an option for you.

If nothing else, take a look at the stories already posted and be inspired.


Have You Checked Out Minted Yet? #sponsored

Disclaimer:  I was offered a product credit in exchange for my post regarding Minted.com, but the truth is, had I found it before they found me, I would’ve blogged about it… that’s how cool it is… and hey!  That’s why they reach out to bloggers because they need more people to know about them!

So, it seems as if I do more internet research in the fall and as we approach Christmas… and by internet research, I really mean I look to see what I want and where I can get it at a better price before publishing my list on the interwebs (which, honestly, doesn’t appear that it’s made it any easier for the hubs to buy for me.)

When the fine folks at Minted.com reached out to me, I did what I usually do.. I went to their website and then promptly began drooling over all the amazing stuff they had there.

Because I like a pretty design.  On anything.

And that’s what Minted.com has.

However, there’s more.

(Just like the infomercials!)

Minted.com isn’t just a company that has a few design artists on staff that push out designs. (Which is fine, don’t get me wrong, but…) Minted.com is a marketplace for independent artists…and I LOVE that concept.

They’ve recently launched some new lines including the art… (Little known fact, I actually love to look at art, but don’t always “get it”)

A few of my favorites are (Click on the picture to go right to the page… you can even “try on ” frames… )

Chelsea New York

Chelsea New York

Vintage Books

Vintage Books


And for my Sisterhood of Stepmoms? 


Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

We don’t own any art in our house (unless you count the pictures of our kids because, let’s be real, they are art!) but in looking more around the site I came across these map gifts.

We’re proud of where we’re from and I could see something like this hanging on our walls… (How cool is this?)

Virginia Love Location

Virginia Love Location

Obviously, our children would be in there and not that insanely photographic family… because you have the ability to upload photos and put them in there and customize it.

And oh how I wish I sent Christmas cards.  I don’t normally.  I love to write Christmas cards, but addressing them?  Not my forte.  ButMinted.com has an option where they will address them for you.. (and so much better than I could ever do!) And if I’m reading their website correctly, it’s free.. which is worth every bit of the cost of the card.  Because they would actually get mailed.

It’s really cool when you upload a photo (or six) and use their find it fast option… you can get a preview of what your picture would look like in the card…  (and there are TONS of options!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.33.04 PM


So, if you’re looking for a great personalized gift, or a place to order your Christmas cards, all while supporting independent artists, check out Minted.com.  (They also have journals, stationary, announcements, and all kinds of other neat stuff… I spent WAY too much time on the site looking around, falling in love with so many things…)




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