I’m tired today.  Truthfully, I should be in bed right now, but I’m waiting for Thing 1 to get home.  He’s been gone for seven days and while he’s been gone for longer, there’s something about the peacefulness of sleeping when you know all of your babies are safe and sound.

And home.

He’s been in New York… both the city and at Lake Placid.  Of course, it’s not like his being here tonight completes the family.  Thing 3 is gone for a Bible Quiz and Thing 2 is spending the night at a friends.

But we’re the parents that embrace the crazy.  We got “rid” of two and took on one more.  Thing 4 has a friend over.

Of course, they think they’re hot stuff because prior to departing, Thing 2 granted them exclusive use of her room, including her television, DVD player and bed… complete with the fuzzy, warm comforter.  The eight and ten year old squealed as if they had just won the lottery.

I guess the full compared to twin size bed and the equally proportional differences of the televisions made it seem like they had.

On the whole, they’re pretty quiet tonight.  So it the hubs.  He’s engrossed in something on the boob tube that only he would like… well, perhaps Thing 1 would, but he’s been without his weird TV buddy all week.  I suspect the moment Thing 1 arrives home, he’ll plop down and commence the TV watching with his stepdad.  I’ll ask how the trip went and he’ll say “fine.”

He may ask me about my adventures at Winter Jam last night; the reason I’m so tired. But it’s doubtful.

I’ve not complained about being tired today.  I chose get home at o’dark thirty this morning, falling asleep just a few hours before my alarm would alert me it was time to get up and get the kids to school.  I chose to act way younger than 38 and live in my “ignorance is bliss” mentality that I wouldn’t pay for it today.

But I am.

But it was worth it.

Because I was serving.

It’s didn’t hurt I was serving some pretty awesome people at Winter Jam, but never the less, I was serving.

It didn’t hurt that I was so close to Skillet (in the back) that I could feel the heat of the flames on the stage.

(I told Thing 2 “I can’t understand what they are singing back here.” She said, “Don’t worry mom, you can’t understand it out there either.”  And when I shared a photo with Thing 1 I texted, “I’m old.”  His response was “I know you are.  But I love you anyway.”)

So I’m tired.


But I’m so blessed.

And more about that later… my baby just walked in the door and guess how the trip was?




What I’m Loving This Month…. (March 2015)

I see a lot of people do these “What I’m into…” or “What I’m loving…” posts.  And by a lot, I mean my friend E over at Sam & Scout. (Which, for the record, you should go check her out if you don’t already.  She’s 37 weeks pregnant and waiting for that baby… and I know she’d love the comment love.

But I digress.

I see these posts and I’m not sure that I’m really LOVING anything, but this morning, as I was applying this new mascara my daughter made me buy, I thought… I should tell people about this.

And not because I got a free sample (I didn’t) but because the last mascara I bought, I did so off the recommendation of Jo-Lynne Shane.

And not that I’m comparing my beauty/fashion advice to hers, but when you find something you love, it’s share worthy.

So, without further ado…

Here’s what I’m loving this month…

Stella & Dot and my new ring.  Isn’t it a beauty?


And those nails don’t show it, but I’ve been rocking some Jams the last few weeks.  (I’m waiting on the shamrock ones to get here.)  My gal, Nicole, is not only “Jamtastic” but she’s a fellow stepmamma as well.  You should go join her Facebook group.  (And if you share a picture of your “jamicure” you’re entered into a contest for a free sheet of nails.)

Thirty One and my new bag.


It’s the best… and I feel quite important while carrying it.  (Probably because it’s the most expensive bag I own) Shameless plug… I sell ThirtyOne.

My new hair 





Huge shout out to Melissa at Les Cheveux for making my hair amazing and helping me to not freak out when you cut 10″ off. I’ve never had more than a Cost Cutter hair cut (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I’m not sure I can ever go anywhere again.


Because I’m crossing an item off my bucket list… RUNNING a 5K.  I’ve walked plenty and I want to run.  So I’ve already registered and paid for the Color Run.  Our team name is Run Now, Wine Later.  (And if you’re local, I’d love for your to join us!)


Since I was introduced to the Sisterhood of Stepmoms, and how they view the Peacock, I started collecting them.  Not like I collect handbags and the like, but just here and there.  They stand out to me now.  And so, there have been a few peacocks show up… like my phone wall paper from SheReadsTruth.com


…and this hand painted one that has quickly become one of my prized possessions. One of the gals I coached in softball painted it for me.



I just can’t get enough of it. Fourteen inches over the last few weeks and more headed our way tomorrow.  I’m sorry some of you think it’s a four letter word.  For me?

It’s amazing.

And that mascara that started this whole post?

I love it.  And the price tag. Thank you Cover Girl.

So that’s what I’m into this month… how about you?


The First Book I Wrote Was Fan Fiction… It Wasn’t As Good As the #AfterSaga


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Tuesday Reviewsday: Idina Menzel #HolidayWishes #O2O

I will admit I’ve never seen the movie, “Frozen.” Never. I, do however, know the lyrics to every. single. song. from the soundtrack because all four of my children, ages 17, 15, 12 and 10, repeated them over and over and over again.  For awhile, they listened to the Disney song station on Pandora in […]

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O #ChristmasTown @BuschGardensVA #sponsored


I took Clark Griswold the hubs to Busch Gardens on Black Friday.  Just the two of us.  No kids.  Just us. They were less than thrilled, but we needed to just get away for the night and it’s so rare that we can find a Friday that we’re both off…. Most people looked at me […]

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