Have You Checked Out Minted Yet? #sponsored

Disclaimer:  I was offered a product credit in exchange for my post regarding Minted.com, but the truth is, had I found it before they found me, I would’ve blogged about it… that’s how cool it is… and hey!  That’s why they reach out to bloggers because they need more people to know about them!

So, it seems as if I do more internet research in the fall and as we approach Christmas… and by internet research, I really mean I look to see what I want and where I can get it at a better price before publishing my list on the interwebs (which, honestly, doesn’t appear that it’s made it any easier for the hubs to buy for me.)

When the fine folks at Minted.com reached out to me, I did what I usually do.. I went to their website and then promptly began drooling over all the amazing stuff they had there.

Because I like a pretty design.  On anything.

And that’s what Minted.com has.

However, there’s more.

(Just like the infomercials!)

Minted.com isn’t just a company that has a few design artists on staff that push out designs. (Which is fine, don’t get me wrong, but…) Minted.com is a marketplace for independent artists…and I LOVE that concept.

They’ve recently launched some new lines including the art… (Little known fact, I actually love to look at art, but don’t always “get it”)

A few of my favorites are (Click on the picture to go right to the page… you can even “try on ” frames… )

Chelsea New York

Chelsea New York

Vintage Books

Vintage Books


And for my Sisterhood of Stepmoms? 


Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

We don’t own any art in our house (unless you count the pictures of our kids because, let’s be real, they are art!) but in looking more around the site I came across these map gifts.

We’re proud of where we’re from and I could see something like this hanging on our walls… (How cool is this?)

Virginia Love Location

Virginia Love Location

Obviously, our children would be in there and not that insanely photographic family… because you have the ability to upload photos and put them in there and customize it.

And oh how I wish I sent Christmas cards.  I don’t normally.  I love to write Christmas cards, but addressing them?  Not my forte.  ButMinted.com has an option where they will address them for you.. (and so much better than I could ever do!) And if I’m reading their website correctly, it’s free.. which is worth every bit of the cost of the card.  Because they would actually get mailed.

It’s really cool when you upload a photo (or six) and use their find it fast option… you can get a preview of what your picture would look like in the card…  (and there are TONS of options!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 10.33.04 PM


So, if you’re looking for a great personalized gift, or a place to order your Christmas cards, all while supporting independent artists, check out Minted.com.  (They also have journals, stationary, announcements, and all kinds of other neat stuff… I spent WAY too much time on the site looking around, falling in love with so many things…)




Tuesday Reviewsday: Brick Loot Subscription #sponsored

tuesday-reviewsday**Disclaimer:  I was provided with a one Brick Loot box in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.**

If there’s one thing you could buy for most any person in this household and hear no complaints, it would be Legos.  In fact, in our stockings every year from the hubs’ parents, we each get a little lego set.  It’s the first thing we do after picking up all the trash.

And when I say all of us, I mean all six of us.  (And his sister and her family, too, if they are there.)


We love Legos.

And it’s not just name brand Legos we love.  If I’m honest, I like the knockoffs a bit more because they are cheaper, but I can’t tell you how many times we walk past the Lego section at the store and just admire all the kits on the shelves.

We subscribe to the Lego magazine and had it fallen on a different day the last two years, we probably would’ve attended the Lego convention held nearby.

I think I’ve made my point.

So, when Brick Loot reached out to me about their newly launching monthly subscription box feared to Lego lovers, it was a no brainer than I sign up.

When the box arrived, three of the four children fought over looking to see what was inside.  I would’ve loved to have grabbed a picture, but they dug into it too fast and then promptly started arguing over who was going to put together what.  Fun times, I tell ya.

Included in this box was a full size Nano Block (which is really what my 17 year old loves) as well as some accessories (a brink popper – which Thing 3 was so excited about.  He very quickly exited the room and used it on several pieces he’d been unsuccessful in separating in the past.)

Honestly, I do feel as if it was worth the money it cost as the Nano Block set we received was a minimum of $20.

There were also some items that weren’t actual building items, rather samples such as light up blocks and for items the ultimate Lego fans would love.

And coupons just for Brick Loot  subscribers.  Because who doesn’t love a good deal?

More about Brick Loot :

Brick Loot is a fun box delivered monthly to our customers filled with the latest and greatest LEGO and LEGO compatible products. The contents of the box are a total surprise to the subscribers but they do know they are getting cool, unique items you cannot buy at the store around the corner.

Brick Loot  is the creation of our 9 year old son Parker who has a deep love for everything LEGO. Every year we have a garage sale so he can sell all his NON-LEGO toys to raise money to purchase MORE LEGO sets. As we were sitting at our garage sale discussing other monthly box subscriptions Brick Loot’s business plan was created.

Pretty cool start if you ask me.

Brick Loot ‘s first boxes will ship the first week in December.  The cost of this bricktastic subscription is $27 monthly plus shipping.  Of course, if you lock in to a three or six month subscription, the price decreases.

You can also give Brick Loot as a gift!

Brick Loot has offered my subscribers a 10% discount on any subscription.  Just use the code Sanity at checkout.  This coupon is good though 12.31.14.

Additionally, when you subscribe and receive your goodies, if you make an unboxing video (these are always so much fun!) you’re eligible to win the Mega Brick which includes the following (over $700 worth of kits!):

The Mega Brick includes:

4 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition Set 41999

DC Comics Super Heroes Batman The Riddler Chase Set 76012

DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack Set 76011

Marvel Super Heroes Spider Helicopter Rescue Set 76016

Marvel Super Heroes The Milano Spaceship Rescue Set 76201

Marvel Super Heroes Knowhere Escape Mission Set 76020

Star Wars Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter Set 9525

2014 Creator Holiday Christmas Elf Toy Workshop Set 40106

Sound like a great gift for someone you know?  Head over to Brick Loot today and sign up and it will be delivered before Christmas!

My only problem with the box?  All four of my kids want one!

Check Brick Loot out on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!


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