How do you describe your family?

There are many words I could use to describe my family…

… dull is not one of them.

Neither is normal.

Come to think of it, I don’t think sane will sum them up either.

My parents live 5 hours away… tucked away on the top of a mountain in Tennessee. Five hours — there’s a time change in there too.

Because of this distance, I never expect them to call and use the phrase “Hey! We’re in the neighborhood!”

But they do… 🙂

At least this time, they called last night to let me know that they would be blowing through town today.

See, my parents are 52, retired, and they just go…

They just returned from what I deemed their “winter tour” in which they headed down through Mississippi, Louisianna, and then a trip to Panama City Beach (to visit my brother and sister-in-law).

They’ve been home two weeks? I think. If that long.

They’re off to Harrisburg with my Dad’s job. (Yes, he’s retired but he works.. so does she… but hey! It works for them!)

So, they call and tell me that we’ll meet for dinner.

We’re in the parking lot of Denny’s (high class folks, can’t you tell?) and the kids are oh-so-excited to see Nana and Papaw. They haven’t seen them since Christmas and they KNOW that Nana will have goodies… 🙂

I see this Hummer pull in with a satellite dish on top…graphics on the side…

Yeah… it’s my PARENTS….


I’m used to seeing them roll in the parking lot and all tumble out of the big black truck… see this is what they normally travel in…


Oh my gosh.. look at my BABIES… that was 6 years ago….

But I digress…

My dad calls it travelling the Circus… it used to be the zoo (you see, when they travel in the big black truck, it’s typically my grandma, mom, dad, two cats and a dog… and then in the summer they add Matthew and Samara… and they are all still living to tell about it…)

But I was shocked to see them show up in the hummer…. 🙂

Here are a few more pics….


This is Highway… she’s travels first class all the way….


My kids think they have the coolest grandparents… and they do!


That’s the little remote… you can start it from there…

Now what I didn’t mention about this Hummer is that it’s a mobile command point or something fancy like that. Basically, it’s a communications vehicle, meaning they have internet wherever they go.. how cool is that?

There was a little laptop stand up front… Mom could’ve been surfing while he drove… it was the coolest thing that I’ve seen… 🙂 For the internet geek like me….


There they are….

And one last pic (at least for this post…. there were so many laughs this evening, that I’ve broken them up… so the fun can continue to come…)


That’s about the cleanest you’ll ever see my daughter’s room.. and she’s showing off her new shorts from Panama City Beach (that’s what it says across the rear… thanks mom for avoiding the “cuties” or “hoochies”)

I just told her Nana and Papaw were in town… I forgot to tell her that they weren’t coming to the house… oops…

At least I got her to clean her room…. 🙂

Until next time…


PS. Before you start thinking that my parents are all in to high tech stuff… they aren’t really… it’s not theirs… they are just taking it up to Pennsylvania and then on to Ohio for a demo.. Mom’s only along for the ride so she can see my grandpa (he’s turning 84 this week….)

I still program the VCR for them…. 🙂



  1. I loved all the pics! I love getting a ‘glimpse’ into someone’s life when they share pics. Cool hummer! My son would just freak if his grandparents ever showed up in a hummer – he has this thing with how awesome they are and that anyone that has one must be super super rich…lol (in my head I’m thinking either rich or in lots and lots of debt…

  2. Ok, I’m sorry – but they “normally” drive a huge truck? an 18-wheeler thingy pulling a camper? and the Hummer surprised you? What? too small?

    Love the pictures thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s awesome to see that and yeah, your kids were cute — once upon a time! ROFL!


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