Putting on my face… and a giveaway!

This is my 600th post and what better way to celebrate than by documenting how I apply makeup for the sole purpose of entertainment… and to possibly win a prize.

What I won’t do to win a prize…

But the gals over at Chic Critique are hosting a “blog your face” carnival so if you want to learn a little more about great products and application tips, don’t read my post, but go directly over there… where I’m sure you’ll be greeted by people who are much better at this than I am.

The things I do to make you people laugh…

So here goes…


Here I am fresh out of bed… au natural… and let me tell you something… I put brighter lights in the bathroom and had NO idea that I looked like this in bright lights with no make up on. Now I’m not one to wear makeup all the time, it just so happened that I needed to go my leadership luncheon yesterday and made myself up, and I don’t believe anyone who said I don’t need makeup. Additionally, I feel like I’m a gremlin in that I can’t go out in the light looking like this. I’m either going to have to wear make up all the time now, or I’m going to have to put less bright lights in the bathroom….

Ok, I can promise you, the pictures only get better from here.


The first thing I do is apply this moisturizer… and yes, that’s a Big Lots price tag. I have no reason for using this particular moisteurizer, really. I was at Big Lots, it was there, I could afford it and so I bought it. You might notice the big “3” that’s listed there. Well, that’s because there’s a series of this particular product. That same day, I bought “1” and it was a cleanser. I have no idea what “2” is since they didn’t have it and due to a slight bathroom mishap in which my daughter thought it would be fun to cleanse her face, I no longer have any more of product “1”.

After that, I put on this foundation stuff.


The foundation is Medium Beige from True Minerals. The BFF bought it for me to help me with this make up thing. That brush next to it? It’s called a Kabuki brush and I’m sure the majority of you know that. I found it odd when she told me to go buy a kabuki brush because in my mind, Kabuki is the Japanese steak house that I love to frequent here (when I can afford it). So now, every time I use the kabuki brush, I think about the little chef at the restaurant flipping a piece of shrimp in my mouth and I get hungry. I guess I can attribute any weight gain to the desire to look beautiful.

After applying the foundation, which, I still can’t tell if it does anything for me (or even if it’s the right color) I then have to remove the cat from the sink… because she likes to stare at me while I do this and it freaks me out….


And then I start working on my eyes… which really is my favorite part of my face… 😀


Also, from true minerals, I apply Apricot Frost to my entire lid. Those are all sample sizes from them that the BFF sent in this little kit. It will last me forever and it’s cheap. And that’s the brush I use, because that’s what the BFF told me to use.


And so that’s what it looks like… and yes, I am well aware that I need to trim the bushes that are growing above my eyes.


Now, I used to use eye liner, plain ol’ brown until I got this true minerals stuff. Now, for the liner type look, I use the Khaki eyeshadow and wet my brush before dipping it in the little pod and applying. I’m sure this isn’t in or hip or anything like that, but it will leave a slight dusting of green sparklies on my eye lashes… and green is my color. So this is what I use to make my eyes pop. And I’m an eye person, so popping eyes is a good thing… bug eyes are not.


Then comes the mascara, and I found this mascara after reading about it on Chic Critique. 100_3291.JPG

I read the post, got up from the computer and went in search of mascara in an orange tube because I couldn’t remember what it was called. I found it at the third store that I went to. I’ve been using MAC mascara forever and it sucks but I was too lazy and uneducated to go and buy something else.


And there are the eyes… with the shrubbery up top… but I’m not quite done…


Normally, my lip glosses are all confiscated by Sam the moment she lays eyes on them, except this one. She knows that she will meet her demise if she so much as desires to use this one. Normally, I don’t care, but this little thing of lip stain and gloss (which cracks me up… stain) cost me $16 (5 years ago…lol) at Sephora. I read about it in the ONE issue of Allure that I’ve ever read (I was attempting to learn about what was in and how to be more girly… obviously, it didn’t last…) and I went out and bought it. And I love it. Although, they say you can use the stain on your cheeks too and I just don’t get that. And I tried it once. I looked like one of those people that put their make up while riding in the car and hit a speed bump. So, I stick with putting it on my lips. The gloss is just about gone, so I use a cheapy clear gloss that I picked up somewhere, for I sure next to nothing.

And after all that… which takes about 5 minutes if you’re not stopping to take over 90 pictures to get halfway decent ones to post on your blog…. you get this…


Ah… much better.


Oh, and since this IS my 600th post, let’s celebrate with a giveaway, shall we? Nothing special, just a little something….

I’ll randomly pick one person to win the book “Kisses of Sunshine for Moms”

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me the one beauty product that you can’t live without…

Comments will be open until midnight Wednesday, June 11th and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday…

Until next time…



  1. other than shampoo, i live by clinique chubby stick in blue jam. i don’t think it’s made anymore and i have yet to find a nice lip pencil that will stand in for it, so i am a bit stingy with it!

  2. Live without?? Oh, since I’m an AVON rep, it’s going to have to be an AVON product right? LOL It would have to be Eye liner…and not any particular type, as long as it gets the job done, then Great!! I usually wear make-up if I leave my house which is frequently because I just can’t sit at home!

    Annabelles last blog post..He was there

  3. The same mascara I use! My reason was simple – it was a bonus pack, and I had a coupon, so it was super cheap. I like it though!

    My can’t-live-without is concealer. Ooh, wee (as Anna Marie started saying lately) my under-eye circles are hideous! That’s partly hereditary, and partly a lack of sleep, but I need some serious help down there.

    Melissas last blog post..What does vanity get you?

  4. I love the colors you use on your eyes. It looks gorgeous!!

    I’m also a sucker for sparkley stuff for the eyes but the beauty product I can’t live without would have to be Philosophy Hope in a Bottle. This is the first moisturizer that makes my complexion nice enough that I don’t feel that I absolutely have to cover my skin with a ton of makeup to look halfway decent. I have a mix of oily areas, other spots that can get dry and flaky, slightly sensitive acne prone skin on my face.

  5. Hi heather, nice job! you look pretty & fresh =)
    I, too, just discovered the new cover girl mascara in the fat orange tube & I think it is my new fav product, it gives me nice long lashes without having to be goopy!

    mzzterrys last blog post..Blog Your Face

  6. Great job on the make up..
    I like that odd lot price LOL.. it’s about what I can afford right now, if I want to keep driving places 🙂

    KCs last blog post..Thursday Thirteen(the names I didn’t use)

  7. You look great!

    And I love the picture of the cat in the sink. It makes me feel right at home. 🙂

    The one beauty product I can’t live without is (believe it or not) coconut oil. It makes an awesome moisturizer!

  8. GAW-GEOUS! You crack me up with your shrubbery comments. Thanks for playing along and joining us in our humiliation! 🙂

    dcrmoms last blog post..Guest Blogger: Nina on Shaving Tips & Tricks

  9. Wow. You look great. And I miss my cat. Thanks for playing along and having fun with it. Shrubbery! hee hee hee.

    Megan (FriedOkra)s last blog post..Okra, in The Color Purple.

  10. Ah, c’mon – yer’ looking for compliments. I know it. And well, I’ll say anything for a prize. 🙂 But truly, I mean it, you look gorjusss darling. And what’s with all the “mineral” stuff – isn’t that what leaves stains in the bathtub?

  11. Totally gorgeous!

    Mascara is my can’t live without!

    Mama Zens last blog post..Just Like Family Circus!

  12. You always come up with fun things to post on your blog! That’s why I keep coming back!! I rarely wear makeup now, but when I put it on I ALWAYS put on some kind of lipstick/lipgloss. I don’t have a favorite, yet, but you never know when I will find it!! My lips always look lost without some color so I gotta have it!

    Ann Gs last blog post..Homeschooling Poll

  13. 1) I love Big Lots
    2) I will not be showing my face without make-up. Oh no.

    Chicks last blog post..Who are you again?

  14. Oh and I can’t live without my mascara. My eyes disappear without it.

    Chicks last blog post..Who are you again?

  15. Your makeup looks great. Thanks for playing along and sharing. You are hysterical!

    Can’t live without my yellow concealer. It hides a multitude of sins! Seriously, I have dark circles under my eyes, and still get the occasional zit, so the concealer works well to hide both.

    Dawns last blog post..Blog Your Face

  16. You look lovely.

    As for me, I’d have to say I can’t live without my tinted moisturizer. Right now, I’m into Cover Girl, but I’ve tried and liked Neutrogena as well.

    Great post!

    Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Hearts last blog post..Care to guess the question?

  17. You really know how to apply your makeup and still look very natural!
    I am impressed. I really enjoy wearing matte lip color in a nude/brown pink shade. One cosmetic I can’t live without is foundation. That is because I have a birthmark on the left side of my face. Please enter me in your drawing. The books looks and sounds delightful. Many thanks, Cindi

  18. Probably my Vit E Cream from body shop or Mascara.. Must have it cause my eyelashes stick straight out otherwise.

    d-anns last blog post..My face.

  19. You look beautiful!
    I need to try those mineral makeups. And Kabuki is a restaurant to me too! Never heard of that brush. Where did you get it? I need a new powder brush desperately!

    I cannot live without lip gloss. Lip stick. Lip stuff.

    Janels last blog post..The Incredible Family

  20. I can’t live without my moisturizer cream and lipstick. Those two things… it would be a disaster if I didn’t have it. (For other people, of course. Safety reasons.)

    I love the way your makeup has been applied…you look very natural! Pretty! 🙂


    Jaimes last blog post..Oh If There Had Been A Yes

  21. Those bathroom lights have caused me mucho $$ in therapy! (I kid) The products I CANNOT live without are all of my Mary Kay. I sell it because I believe it’s the best product out there. And as I age, I am finding more and more need for it!

    Great post! Thanks for being so brave. I couldn’t do it!

    Heathers last blog post..Thankful Thursday – Healthy Check Up

  22. You look good, love the way you do your eyes! I can’t live without mascara. Brand usually doesn’t matter, but it has to be blackest black!

    Ginnys last blog post..Field Day & Last Day of School ~ Hurray!

  23. You are one brave soul! You look great though. 🙂

    Shanes last blog post..ADHD Parenting Tip Sheet

  24. My makeup MVP is my bare escentuals stuff. I love the foundation and the faux tanner – both the powder for my face and the liquid for my bod. Good stuff. I’ve never tried using the minerals wet (foiling, I think they call it). It looks good on you, so maybe I should give it a try… on a weekend, when I can wash my face if I screw it all up, lol!

  25. Every girl needs a good lipstick!

    Caryn Baileys last blog post..Step Away From the Kitchen

  26. Love the pics! I can’t live without Tru Minerals (http://www.truminerals.com/)…I should so be a rep to save myself some hard earned cash. I am hard pressed to narrow down my favorite product…but it would have to be the mineral foundation or warmth.

    Becki Noless last blog post..What Is Search Engine Optimization?

  27. YOu’re the winner!!

    Drop me your address and I’ll get it in the mail!



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