How Tinker Bell Kept Me Sane…

Children have vivid imaginations.  I was no different as a child.  I believed in all things magical and my life, if I had anything to do with it, would play out like a movie.

Behind my shed was something that was very special to me, and combined with a purple velvet sack I was able to conquer the world.

Wanna see what it was?

Head on over here to read all about it…

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  1. I see wasn’t the only child with an over-active imagination. I wonder if kids these days have the same kind of fun, since their entertainment options are basically unlimited?

  2. Okay, I read it over there >, but I’m leaving the comment here ^.

    Just because.

    That was an ever-so-charming story. I could almost see in my mind a tiny version of you skipping along sprinkling sawdust around.

    Better still, I could see MY daughter doing the same thing, like I’ve seen her do so many clever and imaginative things similar to it. It always makes me smile and want to just give her the biggest snuggly-hug ever.

    It also makes me reminisce longingly about flights of fancy I had when I was a kid, before reality took hold and made that sense of constant wonderment vanish and fade as something to almost be ashamed of.

    “That’s childish.” “Grow up.” – Things too often said to children by parents and figures of authority.

    I’m glad that both of my kids are so imaginative and creative, and I actively encourage it, because I feel it sets a good strong foundation for being able to “think outside the box,” as it were, to solve difficult problems later in life.

    Your story makes me long to be able to hold those kids a little tighter, to love them a little more, and to protect them for as long as I can from that loss of innocence that happens FAR too early in our fast-moving society.

    I know I can’t shield them for much longer, and that saddens me greatly. But, thanks to your tale, I have more of a resolve now to enjoy each of their imaginative moments that much more, while they last.

    Thank you for that.

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