God Speaks Through the Remains of the Pumpkin War of 2009

If I were an outsider, looking in on our current situation, I would be excited for us.  I would tell us it’s exciting to see God moving, speaking, and working in our lives.  I would tell us what an honor and a privilege it would be to have God use us and stretch us in ways that I never thought possible.

But we are so close to the situation that it’s hard to see all of this.  There’s part of us that see it one minute and it’s gone the next.

And I say us, because I firmly believe that we are in this together.

And part of our problem is being “busy”….

I’d love to say to God, “Walk with me while you talk and make it quick.  I’ve got somewhere to be in 10 minutes.”  I’d love it if that’s the way He works.  But it’s not.

But tonight, a silly little thing happened.

I fed the dog.  That’s not the silly part but it’s an important piece to the revelation because I don’t typically feed the dog.  The boys of this abode take care of that.

But tonight, as I was getting the kids ready for bed, Thing 4 asked the hubs to tuck her in.  I happened to be standing infront of the dog bowl, looked down, realized that it was empty and replenished her bowl.  Noticing her water bowl was on “E” as well, I took that over and filled it and when I sat it back down on the dishtowel (we’re fancy people around these parts) I thought I saw a pumpkin seed.

I continued picking up the kitchen, waiting for it to be my turn to say good night to the kids and continued to rationalize in my brain how there could not be a pumpkin seed on that towel.

As in, where in the world would a pumpkin seed come from?

When I went back over to look, it was, in fact, a pumpkin seed.

That meant one thing.

We MOVED the pumpkin seed because there has not been one pumpkin in this house that could’ve deposited a seed in our brand new kitchen.

And I know that we moved it because the last two Halloweens there have been pumpkin seed fights in the kitchen.  Oh yes, I allow them with the instructions that you’re required to clean it up later.   I thought they had gotten them all but this one attached itself to the dishtowel and it’s been there ever since…

And it has to be attached because we threw the towel and the bowels into a box upon exiting the old house and threw them in the kitchen upon entering the new house.

I halfway feel like I need to name the pumpkin seed since it’s obviously decided that it’s part of our permanent home.

I tell you all of that only to set the stage… the true value of the pumpkin seed is what it reminded me of and that’s how far we’ve come in the last 18 months… to remind me of the tough times that we’ve endured and how we overcame.  And while things aren’t exactly the way we WANT them to be, we really can’t complain.

You see, we started remodeling this house in October of last year — about the same time that seed appeared in our kitchen.  And through the last several months, we, collectively, have been through quite a bit.  There’s been a lot of uncertainty.  There’ve been alot of heated discussions.  There have been times of bliss and times when he and I just didn’t think we could go one more day.

And then we got married.  (If that wasn’t a miracle, I don’t know what was!)

But something got us through.  And even though the finish date on the house kept getting moved and there were times that we never thought we would be able to actually LIVE here… we’re here.

And we’re happy.

And it’s everything that we dreamed it would be and then some.  What’s more?  The kids LOVE it.  I know this because they randomly tell us.

I say all this, alot of rambling and alot of backfill for a very simple message…

A message that we all need to hear and to be reminded of… (and hon, I’m so sorry that I preached at you tonight when you were tired, could barely keep your eyes open and wanted NOTHING to do with all my Jesus speak…)


We just don’t know how it’s all going to play out.


We just have to have faith that it’s all going to work out.


We need to be reminded of His promises to us.

But that?  Requires spending time with Him.  (and please know, I’m guilty of this, too!  It’s HARD!  We’re BUSY!!!  And if the devil can’t make us bad, he’ll make us busy!)

And if He can use a pumpkin seed to show me what He’s already done?

Man!  He’s good!

Until next time…



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I needed this tonight. A reminder of all He’s done. And that it is all in His power.

    And I love the quote about the devil. I’m keeping that one.

    Fun lesson.

  2. “we just have to have faith that is all going to work out” I love it. Now can I remember it? 😉

  3. Oh yes…He is definitely good…very very good.

    Great post.


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