History Has Been Made.. and other randomness on a Monday

Last week, history was made at the House of Chaos.  The hubs has a newer piece of technology than I do.

That’s right.

The former Luddite that didn’t even have a computer or internet when I met him got an iPhone 5.

I’m only slightly jealous.  And not really because I need a new phone.  My iPhone works just fine.  It’s really just because he has a new toy to play with.

But it’s been fun to watch this all unfold.  I ordered it a week earlier and they said there was a three-four week wait.  A week later, I opened my email after the kids went to school and it said that it shipped.  When I checked the tracking number, it was on the truck for delivery.  Talk about no anticipation!

His phone has been acting up.  When he texted me that day and told me that his phone had crashed, again, and the battery was dead, I just decided to give it to him that evening instead of waiting until Christmas.

I think many would agree that a boxed up iPhone 5, sitting in the closet for almost 2 months is sacreligious.

Don’t you think?

He loves it… especially the talk-to-text and Siri… except Siri doesn’t really understand Appalachian American, so sometimes, I get some really interesting texts… and I’m not sure what they mean.


And speaking of technology, last night we got a brand new TV.  I know.  It’s exciting.

We were all excited.

It’s one of those flat panel or flat screen, or whatever you call them.  And it’s hanging above our mantle.  And because we could put it above the mantle, we got to rearrange the whole living room (something we really couldn’t do before with the TV where it was (and that’s really the only place it could go.)

And now?  Our living room is so open!  It looks so big!

And we all love it!

(I think I like the open living room MORE than I love the new TV!)


And no… you aren’t seeing things.  That is an antenna attached to the fancy TV.

We are those people.

And before you think we’re rolling in the dough (or that ministry pays a great deal of money!)

Do you know where the TV came from?

Rolled change.

No, seriously.  The hubs comes home every night and empties his coins into an old water jug.

And the kids and I make that a project at some point in time.  We’ve done this three times in the last three years or so and typically go and do something fun with it.  So this time?  We decided on a TV.

I asked the hubs if we should wait for Christmas and have Santa bring it – but apparently he didn’t feel like spending Christmas Day hanging a TV.  So we got it early.

Pretty cool!


I started this post last Monday and never finished.  That’s how crazy my week has been.


Thing 1 and I got to meet the Newsboys last week!  That was majorly exciting… especially for him!  And especially because we went to work the concert…

If I would’ve known I was going to meet the Newsboys, I might have done something better with my hair… but since I was planning on flinging tshirts all night, I just threw it up.


The winner for the Angela Thomas “Do You Know Who I Am?” book is Ann G.  Basically because she was the only one who entered.  Great odds, no?  Ann, I’ll contact you and get that in the mail as soon as I can.


The new job is going well.  I’m encouraged by the kids that have stepped up and said they want to be involved and we held Sunday School for the first time last week… there were NINE kids between First through Tenth grades.  I was over the moon. Last week?  There was just one… Thing 2… but that’s okay.  I was still over the moon because the kids that were there the week before were absent for very good reasons… not because they hated me!

And we’re starting to meet people and remember names.  That’s so hard for me.


The favorite part of my house is our HUGE maple tree in the fall.

I took this picture last year, but it is just as pretty this year… (in fact, at church yesterday, someone told me they stopped and took a picture of it… so yeah.  It’s the talk of the neighborhood.)


So there you have my random for two weeks… Menu plan soon!

Until next time…



  1. so glad to hear things are going well at the new job! We have change jar too – and are saving up for something but we don’t know what yet….. a tv sounds nice 🙂 and that maple tree? swoon. when i’m your neighbor can we build ourselves a secret clubhouse in it?

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