Raised a Cavalier, Briefly a Titan and Now a Terrier

Ok, so I was a Panda.  But who brags about their high school mascot being a Panda?

Yup… we were the Prendie Pandas.  Prendie was short for Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School.  It was referred to as the “Wh*ore House on the Hill” by the local kids… mostly those who weren’t in Catholic School.

(Side Note: I went to google it and it looks like the school almost closed this past June but it’s still open and they’ve partnered with the neighboring boy’s high school.  When I was there, just the orchestra was combined.)

I was just at Prendie for my Freshman year.

My sophomore year I was at the Philadelphia High School for Girls… or Girls’ High for short.  Still an all-girls school but not a Catholic school.  It was a public school.  I’m not sure that we had a mascot.  Maybe we did.  I don’t know.  I don’t remember.

I was there until Thanksgiving of my junior year until we moved to Virginia and I began attending Lord Botetourt High School.  It was then that I became a Cavalier.

I missed football season that year and my senior year, I might have gone to one or two games.  But high school football was never on my list of things that I got in to.

Then I had children.

One of them was very into football and the other?  A cheerleader.

I became a Titan mom.  My closets were lined with some Blue and Gold items but not many.  I had enough to cover Saturday morning games and an occasional Sandlot night at the high school games.

Fast forward a few more years and I met the hubs, fell in love, got married, and moved to the community that we’re in now.

It’s in a new school district and when Thing 1 started playing football for the high school and now Thing 2 cheers, I’ve become a Terrier and Friday night football has become a MAJOR part of our life.

In fact, we’re season ticket holders and I’m contemplating paying for reserved seating next year.

And I have Terrier EVERYTHING.

What you don’t see is my Terrier necklace that Thing 1 made me and the Terrier t-shirt and sweatshirt that I have on underneath the jacket.  Yes, I know that the teal blue gloves don’t match the marroon, orange and white theme, however, they are my special gloves that allow me to wear gloves AND use my iPhone.  Until I find special gloves like that in orange or maroon, they stay.

Priorities people… priorities.. warm hands AND the use of my iPhone.

Tonight brought the quarter finals and we were there.  The Terriers vs. the Cavaliers.  I found myself at my alma matter sitting on the other side of the field and as I walked that long walk to the visitor’s side, I reflected on how far I’d come since I walked out of those doors for the last time in June 1995.

Pretty darn far.

I’m grateful for high school football.

And we’re headed to the semi-finals next week! Go Terriers!

Until next time…



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