One Score and 16 years ago… at 7 something in the morning…

I was born.


In all my glory.

I’ve been an adult for EIGHTEEN years… or at least by law.  I’m pretty sure I’m not REALLY an adult yet.


…just 18 with 18 years experience.

But yes.  January 9th… 1977… the Day the world was blessed with little ol’ me.

It was also Super Bowl Sunday.  That’s before they extended the season.

The Vikings played the Raiders and the Raiders won… 32-14.

It was their first Super Bowl Championship.

(I’m still waiting for THAT to come up in some random trivia game…)

I was born early enough in the morning so that my dad could still catch the game… (I’m considerate like that…)

And for YEARS (primarily when I was a teen living in Philly) I was convinced that it was my birth on Super Bowl Sunday that pre-destined me to be a sports reporter.

You see how far I went with that dream, right?

I have no baby pictures.  And forethought would’ve had me ask my mom to scan one and send it to me.

But I had no forethought.

I have a few pictures of me growing up…

Oh wait! I totally lied!  I DO have a baby picture of me! (Amazing the things you put on Facebook and forget!)

That’s me and my Pappy Bob.  He passed away this time last year.

And as I was typing this, my mom… without knowing… was scanning and sending me pictures on Facebook!  So you can see those on my Facebook page…. (and like it while you’re at it!)

My mother’s favorite picture… which she sent to the hubs and it’s framed on his night stand.

That was Kings Dominion if I’m not mistaken.  I’m pretty sure there’s a picture that same day of my brother in his smurf undies after he puked blue cotton candy all over the back of the truck… Too much cotton candy and one too many rides on the Scooby Doo Coaster.

My, Mamaw (my grandma), and my little bro…

Me and my dad

Me, my brother and my Pappy Bob coloring eggs.

My senior year in high school… and my best friend, Peg, came to visit from Philly.  My license plate said “NewzGal”

So there you have it… a look back at the pictures that I have.


I probably have some more floating around but I’m too lazy to get them out.

And it’s my birthday… so exerting energy isn’t on the list of things to do!

Eating lots of cake is…

Until next time…




  1. You still haven’t told me what kind of cake you would like to be eating lots of.

  2. I could arrange some fabulous cupcakes? Flavor? 😉 after all anything for you! Happy Birthday!

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