A Wrench in the Birthday Works

I had a plan to celebrate Thing 1’s 16 birthday today.

God had other plans.

I’ve been gone all week at the Minister’s Convocation… you know a retreat, with other clergy, refreshing and renewing and all that jazz.

But we drove right back into the thick of a snow storm… schools were let out two hours early, so whereas I should’ve been home before the kids, they were home before me.

We hunkered down, waiting for the hubs, watching the snow fall to the tune of an inch or so an hour.

The call to close schools today came quickly… before we even sat down to dinner.

Many around us lost power as it was a heavy, wet snow.  While ours flickered off and on, staying off for just a minute or so at a time, it stayed on throughout the night. Honestly, while the rest of the neighborhood was without power, I thought it was God’s way of sparing us.  When the major storm went through this summer, we were the only two houses that lost power.  You know, like it was THEIR turn.

The hubs went to work this morning – the roads were fine as the snow stopped last night about 10 and the amazing crews from VDOT worked all night clearing and salting the roads.

I slept in.

It was wonderful.

I woke up and puttered around for a little.

I headed downstairs to get pictures from the first year of Thing 1’s life.  I sat down going through them, picking out the ones that I wanted to show on the blog, and went to scan them.

Because isn’t he so STINKIN’ cute???  Just six hours old in this picture….



The computer was off.

Hmm.. I thought.  Must’ve gone off when the power went out last night.

I hit the button to turn it on and nothing.

At this point, I’m working through my head that the computer was fried and that it was okay because it was old… that surely we could get off anything that was on there, etc… without freaking… (quite proud of myself)…

It was then I realized that the router lights weren’t blinking.

I poked my head in the kitchen and the clock was out on the stove.

I yelled for the kids, all getting ready to go out and play, that we had lost power.

We are on a well, so therefore, when the power is out, we have to go to the neighbors to go to the bathroom.  And I had to pee.  So I headed over, in my pajamas, to visit… and use the bathroom.

I snapped a few pictures on my way back to the house….


Not knowing how long ours would be out, when an invitation to come for lunch and for the kids to play, I jumped on it.  I stopped at the store and grabbed a few cupcakes for Thing 1 so we could celebrate and off we went.

We had a GREAT impromptu visit… with friends that we never get time to see.

We laughed, and ate, and fellowshipped.



Why yes… there are SIXTEEN candles on that ONE cupcake!

We headed home, got cleaned up and headed out to eat for Thing 1’s birthday… and we laughed some more.

And now, the power is back on… the new RC helicopters are flying around the living room shooting at one another and life is good.

It wasn’t how I intended the day to go, but it was better than I could’ve ever planned.



  1. Can’t believe that he is 16. He has always been a cutie! Happy Birthday hug from the Bowdels.

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