Sunday Random

No Revenge tonight so who knows what I’m supposed to do to fill the 9-10pm hour on a Sunday night.  And it won’t be on next week either, but that’s not so bad since the Super Bowl will be on.. and my house will be filled with teenagers….

because that’s what you do when you’re the youth director… you get to party with teenagers.

I won’t lie.  I’ll miss our old church and their 12th annual Super Bowl party and their 2nd annual chili cookoff.  I came in 2nd last year.  Woot!  And it was the first time I ever made chili.

It is really good.

Telling you that made me hungry for chili… so since I’m really supposed to be menu planning for menu plan Monday, I thought about putting it on the menu… except it’s going to be 67 on Tuesday.

That’s not chili weather.

You know we had snow Friday?

And I just got a text that schools are delayed 2 hours tomorrow (woot!) because of the impending freezing rain…

but 67 on Tuesday… so I don’t know where to plan that chili.

I do know that I have to help Thing 2 make tacos for her class on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We’re not sure which day now that we’ve missed two days.

Sometimes I hate spanish class.  Maybe I wouldn’t hate it if both kids could coordinate their spanish dishes that they need to take in.  Thing 1 is in spanish 2 and Thing 2 is in spanish 1.

We make alot of spanish dishes for extra credit.

Thing 2 is allowed to go to a church service in spanish for extra credit.  I’m DYING to go.  Not because I speak fluent spanish (I don’t… I WAS, however, the 9th smartest spanish 1 student in 1995 in the state of Virginia.  It’s not getting me anywhere these days, but I brag about it.) but because I just think that would be neat.

We could also go to a mexican restaurant and she could order in spanish… and she gets extra credit.  I’m stoked!  We could go all the time and she could get an A in the class, except she doesn’t like Mexican food.

I hate that she denies me the finer things in life.

Like an excuse to have mexican food.

But seeings how I’m supposed to be losing weight, perhaps it’s best.

No, really.  I am supposed to be losing weight.

And I’m trying… as evidenced by this photo of my late night snack that I sent to my friends…

IMG_2199 Doesn’t it look like I’m enjoying that?

I’m not really.

Not like I’m going to enjoy seeing NKOTB in June.  We have our tickets — because I have a friend who is a bonafide member of the Block Nation (the NKOTB fan club)… I asked for a membership for Christmas.  But she’s a member so we have tickets that she got on presale and they are AH.Maze.Ing. seats.

I can’t wait.

I can take more pictures like this one….


I can.not.wait.

But I have to… I have a super bowl party to get through.

And a cruise.  We will be in Miami about this time two weeks from today… setting sail tomorrow.  So much to do before we go.

And what am I doing?

Blogging about nothing.  Which really?  How is that going to advance my writing career?

It’s not.

But oh well.

And with that, I’m off to bed.  So I can play candy crush until I run out of lives… (which, I had no idea you could play that on facebook until yesterday.  I thought it was just an iPad app.)

Until next time…






  1. Your ramblings were actually quite interesting at 1am. 🙂 Of course, I found your blog due to your ad on another website. 🙂 The name of your blog caught my attention a lot. Great job at picking it out.

    Losing weight is never fun. ;( I’m in the same boat. Celery with peanut butter is not a bad treat especially if you add apples and/or raisins on it. 😉 has a lot of wonderful receipes to try and so many other great resources.

  2. Thanks Crystal! (And so glad you stopped by.. AND commented!) Hope to see you back around these parts sooner rather than later!

  3. {Melinda} New Kids On the Block! Wow … they are so “new” these days are they? 🙂 They started the whole boy band craze — and I’m not sure I can every forgive them for that. But …. they were cute. 🙂

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