What I Learned This Week


I learned that I need to work on saying no.

No, seriously.

In my mind, I’m superwoman and I can do it all.

But I’m not.

Tonight was the local rec club meeting.  I’ve been attending the last few months because I coach and because I don’t feel as if I could ever complain (not that I really have anything to complain about) unless I sit through those monthly meetings.

Actually, it was a time issue.  Once I started working part time, it opened up some time to attend.  Plus, Thing 4 is at girl scouts just across the street.

Prior to leaving the house, I mentioned that they were voting in new officers and my husband laughed.

And not a little giggle either but this gut wrenching laugh.

“No!  I’m not doing it!” I was adamant.  I did not need one. more. thing. on my plate.  “I’ll even bet you money that I won’t.”

The wager was a dollar.

I sat through the hour long meeting and there it was.  The presentation of the nominees.  My name wasn’t on it.  The problem was, there were several that had no nominees and so when they asked for nominations from the floor?

My friend spoke up and said, “I nominate Heather for Secretary.”

To which I responded, “I’m unfriending you.”

Real mature don’t you think?

After thinking about it for 2.5 seconds (and there in lies my problem.  2.5 seconds isn’t long enough for God to smack me upside the head!) I said I would.  Secretary isn’t that bad… I just have to take notes.

I can do that.

I know, because somehow I got roped into being the secretary for the middle school PTA next year.

That was right after I found myself being appointed as a VP on the Cheerleader booster club’s board.


Now I’m out a dollar.

So I learned this week that I need to learn how to say no…

Or at least stop going to community meetings…

How about you? What did you learn this week?  Link up at From Inmates to Playdates.

Until next time…



  1. Yep. That $1.00 cheeseburger is going to taste extra good

  2. Oh my…I want to laugh…but that feels wrong…so, just let me know if I can help out. Or take you out for coffee and dessert. Whatever.

  3. That’s why I avoid meetings too! Baseball season is coming up, so I am hiding till the season starts. Then, if someone asks, I can truthfully say that my hands are full!

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