Thursday Thirteen — a Touch of Random

thursday-13-button I made a button.  I’m not taking credit for the Thursday Thirteen concept,  I just wanted something that I LOVED to look at… and the one they had wasn’t working for me.

I just felt like I needed to get that out of the way so that no one jumped my case. 🙂

Because honestly?  I just don’t think I need to deal with people jumping my case over a blog.

With that said, here’s this week’s random Thursday 13….

1. is the greatest thing ever invented.  Now I can make my own buttons and not have to rely on someone else.  (Not that my gal doesn’t do an AWESOME job — she redid my site! – but she’s busy!  And I’d rather bother her with the other things I need like redesigns for my clients…

2.  Oh yeah.  Did I mention that I’m back with Cathy doing websites?  The whole Desperately Seeking WordPress has been around for all these years but when the hubs came along I didn’t have time to work full time, run a business, raise two kids AND date.  I was overwhelmed and Cathy took over.  This summer, she needed some help, and it was a good time for me to come back.  I’m not working full time, but I am doing some work as it comes down the pike.  She’s still WAY smarter than I am, but if you need some work done, give me a shout… I’d be more than happy to help…

3.  Have you seen the movie Pitch Perfect?  If not, don’t feel bad… I’ve seen it enough times for all of us.  Thing 2 wanted to rent it this weekend and after purchasing it through the Apple TV (and waiting for.ever. – as in days – for it to download) we now have it for 30 days.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to watch it every day until the rental is up.  At least I got my $4.99’s worth out of it.

4.  I’m rather excited about the new movie Safe Haven.  Have you seen the trailer?

I’m excited because we saw some of the movie set.


Safe Haven Movie Set

Safe Haven Movie Set - South Port, NC

5.  My eight year old (Thing 4) just came to me and shared this with me… I felt it was worthy to share with you… “Why didn’t the t-rex ever learn to count to 10?”  Answer:  Because he only had 4 fingers.  A quick Google Search reveals that is somewhat true.  From

Tyrannosaurus has two proper functioning fingers plus a smaller, residual nonfunctional third finger.

6.  Two weeks from today, the hubs and I will be in Cozumel.  I still need to decide if we’re going to go on an excursion.  I can’t decide between shopping and seeing the Mayan Ruins. Unfortunately, I’ve not found an excursion that accommodates both in the 8 hour period that we’re there.  Additionally, I’m rather bummed about it as if we decide to stay on the island we’ll miss the scheduled speaker.  Which, looks like it’s going to be Voddie Baucham or Ron Deal’s “The Smart Step-Family” — The seminars are part of what we’re paying for… Voddie is the speaker the hubs most loved last year and The Smart Step-Family?  Think that applies to us?  I think so.  Additionally, we paid for all that food on the boat… so I’m kinda NOT wanting to pay for food in Cozumel.

Yes.  This is how my brain works for most every aspect of my life.  I tend to over think most everything.

7.  Last Friday, just as the snow was starting to fall, I realized that I forgot the hot cocoa when were at the store.  (How can you play in the snow and not have hot cocoa to greet you when you come in?) So Thing 2 and I ran back to the store and I just handed her money and sent her in.  She bought the good stuff.  Today, I had a taste.  I don’t know that I’ll ever buy the cheap stuff again.

8.  This week I have registered both my rising middle and high schooler for classes in addition to the rising junior.  I am excited for all of them and the new opportunities that await them.  And yes, I’m equally excited about the opportunities that Thing 4 will have next year in the third grade, especially since she’s just been accepted to the gifted program.

9.  Speaking of, she just came in with another joke.  “Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Annie.  Annie who? Annie-body home?”  Remind me to thank my mom for purchasing Highlights magazine for her for Christmas!  She loves it.

10.  There’s a very bad storm coming our way… supposedly in the next 15 minutes.  Smart people would probably prepare or something.  Not us.  I have a candle burning in case the lights go out.  I’ll just blog through it.  I do have the door open so that I can hear it come through.. because I LOVE listening to thunderstorms.  But also because Thing 1 is reading on the old people porch (I really need to blog about the old people porch) and if the door is open I can hear him blow away if it gets too bad.

11.  I went to feed the chickens earlier with Thing 1 since it was raining and it was muddy and not only did my flip flop come off my foot, but it broke and then I went sliding down the hill in the mud.  Fortunately, I stayed on my feet.  This was not the case in the ice on Saturday when I went down and hard with chicken scratch flying through the air like confetti.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE dirty feet.  I knew better than to wear flip-flops but it’s 66 degrees outside in January.  I was excited.

12.  I am in desperate need of a pedicure before we leave next Sunday.  I’m trying to figure out how to fit that in.. and let’s not forget the instructions/list of people to call in an emergency for those caring for all these things while we are gone and incommunicado!

13.  The worst of the storm is here.  And I’m going to put dinner in the oven.  Also, I’m tired of the remote battle.  Apparently, the Apple TV remote also controls my iTunes so everything Thing 2 flips through the Netflix and Hulu channels looking for something to watch, my iTunes goes nuts.

So there’s the 13 random things from the life of Heather this afternoon… how about you?  Have a list of 13?  Link up here.  or below and leave a comment!…  I’ll return the comment!

Until next time…



  1. As far as the cocoa goes…Thing 2 is wise. Very, very wise. 😉

  2. Cozumel, eh? Your life’s far more exotic than mine. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. some stellar ideas

  4. Hope the storm doesn’t get too bad. I must point out that if T-rex has those fingers, RUN. It should be HAD 🙂

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