He Grows…And the Evidence is So Stinkin’ Cute

Last week, I was cleaning out some papers from the desk (a job that needed to be done a long time ago but I just put it off) and came across the little card from the hospital that they put Thing 1’s foot prints on when he was born.

(If that wasn’t a run on sentence, I don’t know what was!)

They were so little!

And he’s so…NOT!

And then all my months of looking through pinterest for great, cute, photo opportunities that make me wish pinterest was around when my children were in-utero paid off.

“Lay down on the couch with your feet on the end,” I said to him.

“What?” a puzzled look on his face.  “Why?”

My children are used to my hair brained ideas and schemes.

“Just lay down.  I want a picture of your feet,” I said, iPhone ready to snap a picture.

He did as he was asked.

Then I positioned the little index card between his feet, careful not to give him a paper cut.

He wasn’t thrilled but he humored me.

As I went to snap the picture, I noticed dirt on his feet.

I took the little card out, wiped his feet, and put it back in.

“Mom.  Hurry up!” he said.

“Well, I can’t put your feet on the internet looking like that,” I responded.  (I mean seriously!  What will people think of me?)

And then I snapped the picture!


I was so tickled!

“When you’re 32, I’m going to print out this picture and have you lay on the couch again and put this picture between your toes and take another picture,” I said… beaming.

“Mom,” he started. “You won’t know where that picture is in 16 years.”

Deflated I was, but I knew he was right.

So here I am… blogging about it (and pinning it because it is an AWESOME picture idea…)

hopefully, in 16 years, when he’s 32 and I’m… sixteen years older, I’ll be able to remember to take that picture.

Because my grandkids will love it!

(linking up with iPhone Friday… even though it’s Saturday…)

Until next time…



  1. That is so cute. Gave me an idea, because I have a similar footprint picture.

  2. That is an adorable picture idea!! If you were able to hold onto the little footprints for so long, I think your son should have faith that you’ll still have this picture in 16 years! Now remembering to take it… that might be another issue. I couldn’t even manage monthly photos of my baby for his first year… oops!

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