Thursday Thirteen – the I Should Be Packing Edition


It’s Wednesday night, almost 11pm and here I sit…


As if I have nothing better to do.

When trying to decide what literary masterpiece I should compose for my Thursday Thirteen it became very evident that I can list 13 things that I need to do before I leave on Sunday for my cruise.

(And I’m certain there are more than 13 things, but seeings how I’ve been too afraid, until now to list them… for fear of sending me into a tailspin, I’m not sure.)

So here we go.

Let the panic commence.

1.  Write the “proper care and feeding of the things” document for the three different sets of people taking care of our children while we are gone.  Including medical release forms and copying the new insurance cards.

2.  Send notes to the school letting them know that the children will have a different after school routine for a week and that if they’re out of sorts it’s because their parents are whooping it up on a big ship in the middle of the ocean and shipped them off to be cared for by others for a week.

3.  Go to the Goodwill for some clothes.  I’m sure I don’t NEED anything, but I wanted to look.  But I’ve not been back since the comment but I do know that I should keep my mouth shut while standing in the checkout line.

4.  Find something for formal night.  I have something.  I wore it last year.  But I really wanted something different.  I may not be able to check this one off, but I’d like to.

5.  Meal Plan and grocery shop for the oldest things who are staying here (so don’t rob my house… they are here with the animals and the neighbor who packs heat)… you know, because even though I’ll be gone, they are still going to want to eat.

6.  Mani-pedi.  Seriously.  These toes need some color and my flip-flops are calling my name!

7.  Finalize directions to Lisa’s so that I know how to get to her house.

8.  Schedule my testimony to run next week while I’m gone… (My Jesus birthday is next Friday!  I’ll be SIX!)

9.  Pack.  Ugh.

10.  Find my sunglasses or go buy a new pair.  I swear…I have about four pairs floating around here somewhere and darned if I know where any of them are.  You can see how often I wear them… but I do want them for the trip.  It will be sunny.  And I will feel cool with the wind blowing through my hair with shades on.  It’s all about me feeling cool…

11.  Pay all the bills that need to be paid while we’re gone…

12.  Get money from the bank… we travel with cash.  Then we don’t spend more than we plan on… (ARE YOU READING THIS DAVE RAMSEY????)  Most of the time, we separate the cash into various places and have it on our person when traveling.  That way if we get robbed, they don’t take it all unless they completely de-robe us.  (And I’m pretty sure no one is that hard up for cash.)  But last year I stuck $800 in my bra.  I just remember calling my mom from the airport telling her how pricey my boobs were.  Then hoping I didn’t say it loud enough for the people who might want to rob us to hear.

13.  Pray.  I’ve been praying for this trip…that the hubs and I can get away and just relax.. to leave here behind for a few days and come back refreshed and renewed… not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.  We are very excited about the line up of speakers and artists and I know God will work mightily.  If you’re so inclined, we would never turn down any prayers that you might want to offer up… unless it’s something like “I pray the boat crashes into a big iceburg…” because (a) they don’t have iceburgs in the middle of the gulf of Mexico and (b) if you can’t pray about anything nice… don’t pray at all.  🙂

There you have it!

Thirteen things that I have GOT to get done before we leave on Sunday… how about you?  Have a list of Thirteen?  Link up here.

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Until next time…



  1. Ahh so jealous, a cruise?? I’d love to go on one…hubs and I are trading in this years vacation to buy a house. Ugh, being responsible is no fun. Actually, scratch that, I’m super excited to house hunt! anyways, new follower from the hop!!

  2. At least you have enough sense to make a list of things you need to do/have done by the time you go. That’s more planning than most people bother with. LOL!

    Also, I’m like you with the sunglasses: I’ve got loads of them, mostly ultra-cheap pairs, but still…

    Happy TT!

  3. Getting away is hard, but like you said, those flip flops are calling you.

  4. Mia Celeste says:
  5. One of my dream vacations is an Alaskan cruise. I hope you enjoy your, wherever you are headed. As for the “comment,” if you haven’t already, I would tell the manager that last time you were in there one of the cashiers made an inappropriate personal remark. Tell them you don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but think they should say something to staff in general about professional courtesy. Thanks for visiting!

  6. This time last year, My Beloved Sandra & I were sucking down rum on a beach (several beaches) in The Bahamas–our first cruise. Live it up!!!

  7. That is quite a list!! By the time a vacation rolls around it always starts to feel like more work than it’s worth but as soon as your toes slide in those flip flops I bet you’ll be feelin’ fiiiine. Enjoy!!

  8. ahhhh I’m so jealous, I’ve never been on a cruise.

    Stopping in from the Linkin with the Ladies blog hop and following you!
    The 5th Level of Motherhood

  9. But such fun once it begins. Enjoy.

  10. Hi Heather!
    I just wanted to pop over and thank you for joining us for our first “Linkin with the ladies” Thursday blog hop! I hope you met a few new ladies and gain some new followers. We had so much fun!
    Hope you can join us again next week!
    Thanks again,

  11. I am a crazy list maker when we go on vacation. And I still forget stuff! Have a good trip!

  12. I love making lists. Drives my husband batty. LOL. I am SO JEALOUS over your mani-pedi. I don’t even remember the last time I had one. *sigh* Have a great weekend!

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