Thursday Thirteen – Things I’d Rather Spend the Money On


Thing 2 is getting braces today… in addition to sitting in the waiting room of the orthodontist’s office today for 2.5 hours, I’ll get to write a check for $1,066 and then get to make monthly payments for the next 24 months…

So I found it fitting today to list the top 10 things I’d rather spend my money on if I didn’t have a daughter who needed braces…

1.  a new iMac – top of the line, biggest and best you can buy

2.  a cruise for the whole family (with airfare included because none of the kids have ever flown and they all want to!)

3.  a truck for the hubs

4.  a Samsung Galaxy Note II… because I’m coveting one and the only reason I won’t go for it is because I finally have all my mac items syncing and we’ve become a completely apple family

5.  a diamond ring for me… since we chose not to go into debt for one when we got engaged

6.  tuition for me to go back to school

7.  a new stereo system and speakers in my car… so I can really jam out

8.  a new DVD player and surround sound in the living room

9.  underwriting a women’s retreat like the gIRL gathering

10.  paving the driveway

11.  trip to Disney for the family

12.  a bigger chicken coop

13.  a bedroom makeover – complete with furniture and decorations (although this one would be hard since I would have to give up my antique furniture…)

… how about you?  Have a list of 13?  Link up here. and leave a comment for me!…  I’ll return the comment!

Until next time…



  1. I have a long list of things I’d like, were money no object. At top right now would be new glasses, new walking shoes, new computer (mine is going on 6 yrs and the HD is not so good), a combo DVD/VCR, a new TV, and a new couch. My T13 post

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