What Are They Looking For?

thursday-13-button Every once in awhile I peruse my Google Analytics and see what people are searching for when they happen upon this little space.

The majority of the searches have something to do with “describing your family” — why this one little post shows up so much, I’ll never know, but it is the most trafficked post on my site… by a landslide.

And it isn’t even that good of a post.

So tonight, realizing that I probably need to post more this week am, at 10:48pm compiling my Thursday Thirteen… the top 13 things that made me giggle when looking at the searches to my site (and the post that they ended up on!)

1. “desperately trying to sell crochet”  — it’s hard… not that I crochet, but I knit…

2.  “dreadlocks womens retreat” – don’t even know where they ended up on this one, but really?

3.  “grandma naked at christmas” — there are a few that this one could’ve led to, but I bet it’s about the gift I gave her for her birthday…

4.  “half naked grandmas” — who searches for this?  that probably went to the same post…

5.  “hamster in my brain” —

6.  “I’d rather spend my money on clothes” — if I have to chose between clothes and braces, then yes.

7.  “Is samara a good name?” – YES!  Although, she hates it!

8.  “is there a bigger picture?” — probably… side note: when i wrote this, I thought I was being calling to be a local missionary.  I’m so glad I was wrong!

9.  “robber hot sanity” — not even going to attempt to figure this one out

10.  “styrofoam heart wreaths for sale” — maybe I should try to sell these, it seems as if at least one person is looking for them!

11.  “dear mom i’m sorry”  — there are too many posts in which I apologize to my mother… in fact, I’ll do it again… mom… I’m sorry… it can never be said enough.

12.  “desk lamps dorks” — That post was called dork in the dark… lol

13.  “older perfect men naked” — I don’t know where they ended up… but this to mean means they are looking for a picture of an older Jesus naked… isn’t He the only perfect man? 😉


There you have it!  How about you? Any strange search phrases lately?  I’d love to hear them!

And you can link up with other Thursday Thirteeners here.

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  1. I’ve done a couple lists like that. Unfortunately,) I can no longer use or understand Google analytics anymore, (since it’s mostly flash,) so I don’t get to do those. I do like them though, and I think they’re hilarious!
    I wrote a list of 13 things I learned while participating in an audio challenge last month: http://blog.lifes-adventures.me/2013/02/13-things-i-learned-from-doing-febooary.html

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