A Day Off…

I work part time at a local church.  With that, I chose to take Thursdays off every week.  The other days I work while the kids are at school and I’m home before the little things get off the bus.

Sidenote:  When I chose to take Thursdays off, I had every intention of doing my grocery shopping on Thursday so that I didn’t have to do it on Sundays… I have YET to go to the grocery store on a Thursday and I’ve had Thursdays off since October.

Except, those days off?  While I might not be AT the office, I’m running all over God’s creation.

I work at the local food pantry once a month.  I fill the day with doctor appointments.  I go on school field trips.  I help out at the school.

The bottom line is even though I’m not working?

I’m working.

So today I found myself at home.  With nothing on my calendar.

And I couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed it until it was here.

I’ve been with kids either my own, or through church, or through Girl Scouts every day in some form or fashion since last Wednesday.  And tomorrow the hubs and I leave for a weekend retreat with four of our favorite middle schoolers…. before returning to the start of Holy Week.

And when you work in a church?  The week that Jesus dies and rises again is about as busy as the time He’s born.

And don’t get me wrong… I LOVE kids.  I LOVE working in ministry!  I love everything about it.  Except it’s taxing at times.

So yeah.  Here I sit in my jammies on the couch… catching up on “How I Met Your Mother” (as in where have I been the last eight years?  This show is HYSTERICAL!) and working on a few web projects just enjoying not being needed by anyone.

So how about you?  How do you spend a day off?

Until next time…



  1. SO glad to hear that you are taking time to be alone–it is important to restore your soul and sanity when you work with people (especially children). For me, a good day off would be reading, shopping (window shopping at the mall or in Barnes and Noble) and meeting a friend for coffee (in real life or on the phone for those far away friends).

  2. I love your site, just finish reading your “40 before 40” and “100 things about me”.
    You’re not gonna believe this, I was in the bathroom then a thought pops in my head, “Has anyone did ’40 before 40′ before? I wonder…” So as soon as I got out, I googled it then your blog was on the 1st on the list. Your sense of humour kept me reading the rest of your blog. I love it! Plus you’re a Christian, which is cool!
    Right now, Monday night, I’m on day off. I work night shift (7 pm to 7 am), and just slept the whole day today, so I guess I’ll be up again for the whole night tonight. I also love to read, I actually just started reading “Passion and Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot. On normal days when I have my day off, and when I used to own a DSLR camera, I would go out and roam around the city to find interesting subjects to shot. (I live in Paris, by the way, so there’s a lot of interesting subjects to shot!) If not, I own an unlimited movie pass in the cinema and if the weather is not so good, I spend most of my day offs watching movies. Hmmm… I love movies, but I don’t watch TV at home, I only watch movies either on my computer or at the cinema. Your blog is interesting, I hope to see/read some more of your posts in the coming days. ^^ God bless!

  3. I adore your blog, I had fun reading your 100 things about me!
    It is so important to take a day just to decompress occasionally. One my last “Mommy sanity day” I discovered Big Bang Theory, love that show!

  4. Mine is coming up this Saturday. It is the first day of fishing, and my oldest does not have Science Olympiad practice, so I am allowing myself to sleep in till noon………..or at least till hubby calls and says he’s on his way home 😉

    @Jennifer M.: Big Bang Theory is my newest fav too!

  5. Great site! Look forward to reading more. 🙂 Follow back! 😀

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