Patience…Or Lack There Of

I don’t have patience.  I don’t want to wait.  Ever.

I pay extra money to Amazon so that I can have my items in 2 days (for free) because when I decide that I want and/or need something, I don’t want to wait.

I don’t like to fish because I am of the opinion that when I cast my line out in the abyss of water, that a fish should attach itself immediately so that I can reel it back in.  I don’t want to sit there and wait for Mr. Fish to mosey along and finally decide that my bait is the snack du jour.

Additionally, if it just so happens that a fish attaches itself immediately to my line, I don’t want to wait for my husband to get to my pole to remove the fish.  I want him there, standing next to me as that puppy comes in… camera in hand.

(because seriously, if I am fishing AND I caught something, we’re going to hear about it for days and I need evidence that I did it.)

I have no patience for learning new things which is why I’m ever so grateful that God blessed me with being a quick learner.  There are two things that I can think of right now that I couldn’t grasp quickly and I gave up… one thing (learning Flash) I could care less about… but the other (learning to play the guitar) is something that I still would love to be able to do… but because I know that it won’t come easily or quickly, I’m less apt to keep at it.

I know.  I’m lazy.

Or maybe unmotivated?

Regardless of what you want to call me?  One thing remains the same…

I’m impatient.

And I’m reminded of this every.  single. day.

You see, I LOVE to look at the houses around here and see what they have planted in their flower beds.  Often times, I will take pictures and ask my mother-in-law what they are.

She will tell me.

Then I will tell the hubs what I want.

He will purchase it.

Then ask me where to plant it.

Then he plants it.

All within a very short time frame… because, you know, I’m impatient.

Which, with plants, pretty much equates to hurry up and wait.

Every day for the past week, I’ve walked out my front door to see this across the street in the neighbor’s yard.


(I wish that was clearer, but I had to zoom on my iPhone from the mailbox because I didn’t want to appear as creeperish as I felt AND because we had seven gazillion days of rain, while today was sunny, there was no way I was walking over to that bush to get a picture just for a blog post.)

Anywho… back to my impatience.

I look at that plant every day.  It’s be-u-ti-ful!  I mean, I bask in the glory of God’s creation every day that I walk out my front door and look at it.

I noticed it last year.

Took a picture.

Sent it to the hubs.

It’s a burning azalea or something having to do with fire.  Obviously.  It’s bright orange!  Like fire!

So of course, the picture to the hubs meant that one was in my possession within days and then in the ground and look.


Don’t be all like oh how pretty.  Because in case you missed it, this one doesn’t yet look like this one (and I’ll repost so you don’t have to scroll back to compare.)


And quite frankly?

I want it to.


(Totally not knocking the hubs.  One day I know it will be that pretty — should I not kill it first.  But I wanted the bush that I had been eyeing across the street.  And yes, the thought of sending the hubs across the street in the middle of the night with a shovel has crossed my mind.  But that would totally mess with the on staff at a church thing I got going on.)


There you have it.

I’m taunted by the beautiful burning bush over there.

Every day.

Reminding me that I am so impatient.

What are you waiting for that reminds you of your impatience?

Until next time…


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