Things You Can Learn at the Library

I’m at the library again.  I challenged told the kids to read at least 30 minutes each day and since the hubs can only work so many hours buying them books is out of the question. Plus we have this really cool new library (well, new to us… it’s been here for about a year) and so we have an excuse to come.  The younger things are with their grandparents so it’s just the older Things and I.

Of course when we got here we had to go get an iced coffee.  It was how I bribed them to get them to come.  We were supposed to go to Splash Valley when I got home from work but there’s a tornado watch.  After about 30 minutes of apologizing that I don’t, you know, control the weather, I suggested that we come to the library.  Only one child was really on board with that.  The one that doesn’t mind reading.

The other one?

I had to bribe.  Which I did.  With an iced coffee.  Only she doesn’t like coffee (only today apparently) and so therefore she got a milkshake.

The iced coffees were $1.54.

The milkshake?  $5.54.  She asked what was in the milkshake.  Ice cream, chocolate and espresso shots.  She got it without the espresso shots.

That’s a pricey (albeit good because I had a sip while she was out digging coins out of the cup holder in my car so she had enough to get a muffin…yes.  I’m being serious.)

I really wasn’t going to go into that because, well, this child has already monopolized my time, patience and wallet and I didn’t really want to give her the control of the ONE thing I really can control… the blog… but…

it’s kinda nice.

After I paid for the milkshake and two coffees she told me she wanted a muffin.  I told her no… we would eat soon.

“We never got lunch!”  Mind you, I picked them up at 2:30 so there was plenty of time to eat lunch… which I conveyed to her… and told her that we would be eating soon.

She huffed.

She’s good at it.  I told her I had no cash and I wasn’t charging $2.11 so I told her to go and scrape change out of my car.  I figured she could work for it.

As she was huffing (loudly, I might add) out of the library I told her to be quiet…it’s a library and out of the corner of my eye I see a lady holding two dollars.

“Do you need some money?” she asked.

I quickly looked down at myself to make sure I didn’t look like I was poor.

I didn’t think that I did.  I didn’t feel disheveled.  I actually was feeling pretty put together today.

It was a good day.

I explained to her that I just didn’t want to use my debit card for $2.11 and that if she really wanted it, she could work for it.  “Well,” she said, “if she can’t find it in the car, I have it here.”

As I was fixing Thing 1’s coffee and explaining to him that I wouldn’t be around forever to make his coffee and that he should probably learn to fix it himself, I also added that I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or feel good that there are still nice people, willing to give in to a teenager who is slowly approaching a temper tantrum because she’s not getting her way.

I’m still not, honestly.

Regardless, she found $2.24 in the car and bought the muffin.

Then I told her she couldn’t eat the muffin until she checked out a book and started reading it.

Which meant that I was going to have to hold the muffin because she was not capable of holding a muffin, milkshake and look for a book.


While she was looking for a book, I went looking for one for me.  The computer said it was Inspirational Materials.  I looked all over the two-story building for “Inspirational Materials” but was unable to find it.  I finally asked the librarian.  “Oh they are just nestled by author in the fiction section.”

Well, that’s a bummer, I really would just like to look through all the Christian books,  I thought.  I really wanted a Christian book.  But on my way to the B section for Billerbeck (I wanted something light to read since I just finished Gone Girl which was a bit on the dark side, I decided that it wasn’t very Christian to segregate the Christian books from the other books because then people who might need to lean about Jesus in a non-confrontational manner would never check out a book from the Christian section.  This way, if they are just in with the regular books, there’s hope that someone might read it and be changed from it.

Yes folks, I really had that thought today.  With myself.

Shortly before Muffin Girl found me to let me know that she was putting back the 5th grade book that she initially picked out (because she had to) because when she went into the Teen Center to bother her brother and found books there.

Imagine that.  My THIRTEEN year old found books in the Teen Center that she might like.

I’ve really been trying to tell her that.

It was the title that captured her attention:  “What if…All the Boys Wanted You?”

Oh well.. whatever gets her to read.  They are actually like “Choose Your Own Adventure” books for teen girls and she was so excited about them that she picked out three.

And then went to eat her muffin.

That’s when I sat down to blog.

In that time, she’s been back… with half a muffin letting me know that it wasn’t very good. (Too bad, so sad…go read.)

And then came back again letting me know that it was too loud to read.


I finally convinced her to at least sit next to me and gave her 30 minutes of computer time (she’s grounded from phone, internet, TV, etc) just so I could have 30 minutes to let my brain flow free.

She’s over there looking on pinterest looking for a recipe that she can make tomorrow for church Wednesday night.  Because when grounded she will do ANYTHING to not have to read.  (As in, she’s made three cakes, done all the laundry AND cleaned the house since last Sunday when she initially was grounded.)

(It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Because there’s nothing else to entertain her and her little sister is gone (hence no one to play games with), I have to entertain her.)

NOTE:  I’m 1109 words into this post.  I never intended to write this much about my child in my post.  I really sat down to blog about the following:

Things You Can Learn About the Library

  1. Christian books are not separated out from the rest of the books…. see above for more details about that…
  2. Monitors are HUGE at the library which is great except it makes me realize that 5 of the 6 computers used downstairs are all displaying “Candy Crush”
  3. A coffee shop in the library is genius
  4. …..

I had more.

Enough that I felt a whole post could be written about this, however, because I took so much time discussing how my 13 year old hates reading and how horrible I am for dragging her to the library, I’ve forgotten what most of them are.

So I guess I’m off to check my book out, round up the kids and head home.  I have dinner to make and a new book to read!

and just so we’re clear, I don’t expect any negative comments about how I just need to stand my ground and not let her walk all over me.  You know you’ve all had those days when you just want 30 minutes of peace and quiet, grounded or not, and you’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.  No judging.  That’s biblical!

Until next time…



  1. The best punishment on the planet, two words (they make my kids cringe!) COMMUNITY SERVICE! And if your 13, needs some she can come mind my 13, who we all know to be about 10 developmentally, hence the need for a baby sitter. Should have called me, I need to go somewhere besides Therapy, it’s getting old! Still love ya like a fat kid loves cake!

  2. I think you are a wonderful mom! 30 minutes of peace and quiet is worth almost as much as gold in my opinion! 🙂
    The objective was met! She had to choose a book and she actually got 3! You can’t ask for too much more success than that!
    But…the bigger question is how did you get your SON to want to read?

  3. $5.54 for a milkshake? You’re way nicer than me. P.S. Did you let her keep the $0.12 change?

    I’m a new follower of yours via BlogLovin. I’d love it if you linked up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop (

    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. No Sarah, she didn’t keep the change… but we went back today and darned if she didn’t ask me for another milkshake… and this time the answer was no! Headed over to link up now! Pleased to meet you!

  5. She’ll learn to love the library especially once she realizes that there are boys there. Reading will probably come too. Just give it time. And the library is a great place to take your family. Each of your kids has the chance to explore their interests and you’re still doing something together.

  6. Haha! I love muffins & iced coffee. I’m a little late but I’m stopping by from the Thursday blog hop. I’m a new follower through Twitter & Bloglovin.

  7. Melissa says:

    Tell me next time you take the crew to the library and we will join you!


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