Definitely a Monday

You know how sometimes the alarm goes off and you know that it’s going to be one of those days?


Me too…

Except this morning?  The alarm didn’t go off.

Well, it did the first time… but that’s a warning… and since my snooze button on my fancy schmancy alarm clock (that I’ve only had for 2.5 years) stopped working last week…I couldn’t snooze-a-roo for another 10 minutes like I wanted to.

So I set the alarm on my phone.

Or at least I thought I did.

But since I’m always worried about oversleeping, I really couldn’t just lay there so I started playing on my phone… thinking the alarm would sound when it was time to stop playing and get ready for work…



It didn’t.

Apparently I never moved the on/off switch to “on” when opening the clock app on my phone.

So I got sucked into Facebook and by the time I realize what was up, it was a little later than I anticipated.

Getting dressed was complicated.

It shouldn’t be… but…

I made a vow to start really thinking about what I wear and accessorizing.  I’ve always wanted to be an acessorizer, but I just didn’t know how.

And I got some new clothes… and my friend told me what went with what and so it took me a little longer to get ready this morning.

When I went to pick out earrings (I knew which I could select from because she told me) I dropped one of them on the floor… I found it..

Then I went to put the other earring in and I dropped it.

I have no idea where it went but I am confident that I will find it tonight… when my husband steps on it….

because you know that’s what’s going to happen.

Then, while looking for the earring, I broke a nail.

When that happened, I muttered, “yup… definitely a Monday.”

I finally was ready to go to work, but I couldn’t find my laptop bag.  I finally found that and all the other items I needed to bring to work and got in the car.

On the way to work it dawned on me…..


It’s Tuesday.

Which made me feel all the more discombobulated.

And then happy that today was not a day people entrusted their children to me…that’s tomorrow… Wednesday..

Today is Tuesday… the day my new boss starts!


Woot!  Here’s to Tuesdays!

Until next time…



  1. hehe…sounds like a not so fun morning! Hope it got better as the day went on!


  2. Oh vey. Today was my second day back at work after vacation…….it wasn’t any easier than the first. Check this out:

  3. hahaha guess what the weekend starts in 3 days. Here’s to Friday! 🙂

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  5. Im having a Monday kinda day….MAJOR Leak under the bathroom sink

  6. Stopping by to say HI 🙂 found you through Blog A Day Blog Hop!
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