So I Like These Blogs….And Maybe You Will Too

I have a friend who follows my blog…on Bloglovin (you can do that too if you haven’t already! Just click here!) and she texted me and said, “So who else can I follow?”

And there are some blogs I follow that I wouldn’t necessarily tell her to follow but there are others that are a given…

So since I was going to create a list for her… I thought I would make it for you, too.

You’re welcome.

Without further adieu, I bring you….


Disclaimer:  As of this minute. And in no particular order. And no.  They aren’t all Christian or Family Friendly. #justcallmearebel

From Inmates to Playdates.  Julie is awesome.  She’s funny.  She used to work in a prison and now she stays at home with her boys.  I love her.  I always laugh… and one day?  We’ll meet in real life.  Because she only lives like 3 hours from me.

Southern Mess Mom.   This is a new one that I just recently started following.  She had me on her post about being a Pinterest Whore.  (I can’t relate. ::giggle::)  Actually, it was her tag line “I kidproofed the house but they keep getting in” caught my attention.  It’s kinda like mine…

Stephanie Snowe:  The Blog! I’ve been reading Stephanie since before she was a published author.  I bought her book, loved it, and am waiting patiently for the next one.  She’s funny.  The kind of funny that makes me think I’m not funny.  But I laugh outloud at her blog.  With her.  Not at her.

E, Myself, and I — Elizabeth is from the ‘Noke just like me and she’s also one of my roomie’s for BlogHer.  I just met her in person last week because we felt we should meet each other here instead of Chicago for the first time… I love her Midweek Confessions, although I’ve never actually confessed anything midweek.  I just blurt it out as it happens.  She’s got a great new look. Go tell her how nice it looks and wish Sam, her son, a happy 2nd birthday (Saturday!)

Mary R. Snyder – I love Mary.  I met her at SheSpeaks… then went to the gIRL Gathering and now see her when we cruise on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise… (sign up under Heather St.Clair!)  She’s funny.  Really funny.  And southern.  And she loves Jesus. I love funny, southern women.  (In fact, you probably see that pattern already!)

PostSecret — Yup.  Not something I’m overly proud of, but I flock to the computer each Sunday to check them out… and you must see them by the following Sunday or they are gone.  I’m always amazed at what people send in. WARNING:  Not always family friendly.

Surviving and Thriving in the 1st Year of My Divorce — Just found this one and I’m now following along…. it’s fascinating to me and really, I think it’s because I secretly like to stalk people.  Again, not always family friendly, but if you like to stalk people on the internet, she’s a good one to stalk.

There are a host of others who I LOVE to read, but they’ve dropped off the face of the blogging planet… Soliloquy?  I’m talking to you!

I hate it when people I’ve come to love dissappear.  I never know if I’m supposed to reach out and check on them? Or what… maybe they just decided they didn’t want to blog anymore… I don’t know.

But here are a few of my favorites… I read so many more… Want to see the complete list?  (You so want to know if you’re on there, I know it! And if you’re not?  Let me know!  I always follow back if someone follows me… so let me know!)

How about you?  Who are some of your favorite bloggers?  (Because I always need new blogs to read!)

Until next time…







  1. Thanks for the shout-out friend. I do hope we can meet one day. I know we will be fast friends. =)

  2. And by the way – I love PostSecret, too!

  3. We didn’t make your list? You make us so sad. 🙁 jk. It’s great finding new blogs and thank you for sharing some of your favorites. Will definitely check them out since I haven’t seen a few of them. Seems PostSecret is a hit so heading there first. 🙂

  4. Thanks girl!!! 🙂

  5. Awe! Thank you for including me in it 🙂 My Pinterest Whore one may not have been popular with everyone but it sure made me laugh while writing it!

    I love reading your blog as well!

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