A Giraffe Goes to Nationals

Thing 1 marches to the beat of his own drum. As in, he's at Bible quiz nationals with 71 other teens and not ONE has a giraffe suit on….but him.

It's who he is. It's what I love about him.

And when parents stop him in the hall on the way to his next quiz because a youngster wants a picture, he obliges.

He does his best to not let the stress of competition get to him.

And to make others laugh.

And I'm not going to lie… When looking for him this morning it was kinda net to tell, “anyone seen a large giraffe?” And four or five people pointed to the room he was in.

Yes. A giraffe has come to nationals. As a team they are seeded first going into tomorrow's final round.

And I couldn't be more proud.

Until next time….



  1. I love that very first picture. Great to have a sense of humor while going through life and seems like Thing 1 has it down! 🙂

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