What I Learned This Week – The Home Alone Edition

So, last weekend I found myself alone.  As in no kid.  No husband.  No one.  Just me and the dog and 48 hours all to myself.

I learned that when your kids and husband are gone and near the Washington Redskins, you will hang tight to your phone the whole time, waiting for them to update you on who they’ve met and how it’s going.

My animals don’t like me nor do they like the way that I care for them.  The dog didn’t eat.  I couldn’t get her to go out on my time schedule, or come back in for that matter and she just stared at me.  Apparently, she can count and she knew I didn’t give her the proper amount of treats.  And the chickens?  Let’s not go there.

I learned that you really shouldn’t plan all of these elaborate things to do while you have the house to yourself because none of them will get done.

When the things don’t get done that you planned, you will feel like you didn’t accomplish anything in 48 hours.

I don’t sleep any better when I have the bed to myself.

I should turn my phone off if I want to sleep in on the weekends.

If your younger children leave their “fort” up in the living room, you tell them that you will take them down, but in reality, you were so busy that it was still up when your family returned.

Forty-eight hours goes faster alone than with other people.

I never really was alone, unless you count in the mornings and at night.

At the local townsplace gathering to support charity with a live band, you can find a mix of interesting people.

I’m proof positive that some people fall into their closets and then walk out of them… and that they put no effort into what they are wearing.

“Wobbling” in public will mortify your teenage child even though she is in a city three hours away.

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  1. Oh my. It is definitely amazing what one can learn in a week. Mine is the back to school edition. In your time alone, did you happen to find the money tree?

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