Who Knew Boxes Were That Interesting?

“Hey kids…”  I said, one afternoon to get their attention.

They some what stopped to listen to me as I continued. “We’re going to be getting a large box of moving stuff that we can do whatever we want to with it that makes us happy.”

Quizzical looks were given, of course, because who says that to their kids?


Actually, if I’m honest, the looks weren’t as quizzical as I thought they would be because my kids don’t question much any more… we do a lot of off the wall stuff.

But it was true.  Extra Space Storage was sending me a “Bliss Kit” which included multiple boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap so that we could do something that is blissful with it.  I gave the kids a heads up because I wanted to do something massively creative.  I’m competitive like that.  (Have I ever shared my Ugly Christmas Sweater?)

Over the course of the next few weeks I contemplated what we could do.  I didn’t want to do the standard “build a cardboard house” or “reorganize the basement” because… well, who wants to reorganize the basement?

And I wanted to do a good job because I met a rep from the company at BlogHer and I think it’s a super creative, out-of-the-box (ha ha I’m punny) idea to promote their company.  This was important to me.


“There’s a box form Thirty-One coming today… you’re more than welcome to open it,” I said to Thing 2 as I was running out the door to work one morning.

That afternoon, my cell phone rang.

“So, I thought this box was supposed to be from Thirty-One… so I opened it.  It’s a box of boxes.  What in the world are we supposed to do with this?” she yelled in the phone.  She only has one volume.

“Remember,” I began, “I told you the boxes were coming.  We need to figure out something creative to do with them to demonstrate bliss.”

“Well, I was waiting for the Thirty-One order.  THAT’S bliss.”

The Bliss Kit sat in the living room for a few days.  I continued to think about what we could do with them…

And then Thursday night I went to a Band Booster Club meeting, leaving the things with the hunky hubs and when I walked into the house, I found this…

Bliss in a Box

Please note… there are THREE children in boxes and sheets abound…

Bliss in a Box

Every pillow, blanket, sheet, and stuffed animal were downstairs in the living room….

“How was your meeting,” the hubs asked.

“What are you doing?” I asked, quite accusatory I might add.

“They wanted to play with the boxes so I let them,” he replied, calmly.

I was anything but calm.

I mean, anything…

All of the creativeness that I had been mulling over for week now dashed because the boxes were out, assembled, and colored in…

“What?  You knew they sent these to me for a promotion on bliss!  How can I relate this to bliss?” I said, my voice inflected.

“It was pretty blissful around here while I watched TV and they built their fort and colored in it…” he paused.  “And there was no fighting.  Yup.  Pretty blissful indeed.”  He propped his feet up on the coffee table and put his hands behind his head.

The “fort” became an art museum and original artwork was displayed on the walls within.  I believe them when they tell me the art work is impressive, but I never actually looked…. the medium box was a tad on the small side for these large bones.

The next morning, the house was rebuilt and hours were spent building a porch on to the front and visiting each other’s rooms within the “house.”

“How many storage rooms do you need, Thing 4?” I overheard Thing 3 ask his younger sister.

“I have a lot of things,” she replied as she grabbed another box and headed for her side of their new “mansion.”


All they wanted to do, and all they talked about doing, for three days involved a set of boxes from Extra Space Storage.

Who knew?

A box of boxes can create bliss.

Actually, it can create more bliss than I realized because after we broke down the fort and put the living room back in order?

The cardboard rooms gave us more room as we used them to haul off all the items we needed to take to the Goodwill.



Disclaimer:  Extra Space Storage sent me a Bliss Kit (included 11 various sized boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and a carton marker) in exchange for using them and blogging about how we use them to create bliss.  

Until next time…


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