What Happened To Summer?

Yesterday was the first day of school for the younger things… the oldest thing returns next week…

but where did the summer go?

I had so many high hopes of things I was going to accomplish… with this being my first ever summer home with the kids…

I was going to sew…

…My sewing machine hasn’t been out of the case since I returned from my mom’s Memorial Day weekend.

I was going to clean out the basement and have a yard sale…

…It’s still a wreck with lots of junk we don’t need….

I was going to paint the front of the house…

…it still needs done…

I was going to seal the back deck….

…we got as far as buying the sealant…

I guess the big thing for us is that we had fun this summer…

Our list of fun stuff this summer includes:

  • three different amusement parks
  • camping
  • Chicago
  • summer camps
  • Redskins training camp
  • family reunions
  • lots of church fun
  • visit with good friends
  • the water park
  • NKOTB 🙂
  • Bible Quiz Nationals

No,  I don’t know where summer has gone…

And I don’t know when my babies grew up….

Here they were three years ago when they started Kindergarden, 3rd, 6th and 8th….

And really?

This is the first day of Kindergarden for Thing 2….

how is it that she just started her first day of high school yesterday?



Yesterday, I took these three beautiful children to school….

Tuesday, I’ll hand the keys to Thing 1 and he’ll head off to begin his junior year…

Forget where the summer went…. the bigger question is where did my babies go?

Until next time…




  1. Charlotte says:

    Love this Blog, especially this one. A comment on the things you didn’t get done. You did the important things. Your “THINGS” will leave home all too soon and they will not remember the house not getting painted or the deck not getting re sealed and all the other things you mentioned, but they WILL remember all the cool things Mom & Dad did with them. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be blessed!

  2. Amanda Karl says:

    Going back to school was always so exciting for me! But I also cant believe summer is over! I even remember when I went off to college, my mom took a picture! 🙂 New follower! 🙂

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

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