FlatOut and Dr. Oz Make It All Better

Today didn’t start out very well.

I woke up with a seering pain in my back.  I guess walking more than once a week was more than these old bones could handle.

As I hobbled around the house waking the rest of the sleeping things, I winced in pain trying to figure out how in the world WALKING could’ve done this to me.

As I texted my walking buddy to put off our morning walk because my back aged 30 years over night, I realized that I had forgotten to make Oodles of Noodles last night for Thing 4’s lunch.

I got all sucked up in Law & Order: SVU. (and was disappointed in it for the record.)

And should you want to know why I’m making this child Ramen noodles for lunch, it’s because she is adamant about taking food that she can heat up for lunch and I ran out of leftovers.

So as I go to get a pack of them, I cut my pointer finger.

As I drain the noodles, I burn the pad of my middle finger (the one right next to the one I just cut… that won’t stop bleeding by the way.)

So I get some aloe, a bandaid and get the noodles packaged up for her.

We make our way to school and then I head to work.

After work, I head home and park myself infront of the computer because they are about to announce the Blogger Idol finalists.

Newsflash: I wasn’t picked.

I won’t lie.  I was a little bummed.

But after about 1:30.. things started to turn around…

About 2pm, UPS arrived.

I was expecting Thing 1’s new iPhone.

What I was not expecting was a HUGE box from Flatout Flatbread. (More on that later!)

UPS brought lunch!  That was new to me.

I can’t wait to tell you about lunch… but that’s another post for another day.

I got the kids from school, who suggested we blare NKOTB as loud as we could with all the windows down… (what a grand idea!) and then sat down to watch Dr. Oz.

And then?

All of a sudden there was a “coming up next…” and I heard my voice.  And Alison was texting me that she saw me.

So I got my camera ready and I filmed my segment. (And ignore the hubs shouting in the background — and me yelling at him.)

If you look close you can see the antenna on the bottom on the screen…

And seriously.

Don’t blink.

There you have it.

Do you know how much went into filming that teeny tiny sound bite?

Well, I put together the outtakes….

(and yes, I know I spelled it wrong on the opening screen….)

So that was my day.

And with that?  I’m off to make more noodles.  They were THAT good today.

And apparently publish a book.  I’ve got less than 3.5 years to finish…

Until next time…


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5 thoughts on “FlatOut and Dr. Oz Make It All Better”

  1. Time to update that list yet? By the way, my friend was on Dr Oz today! (And she’s been on the Today’s Show!) in case you didn’t know, my friend rocks!

  2. Yay!! I finally got to watch it!! You rock and you’ll definitely accomplish your goal!! Look at all you’ve done in the past 35 years!!!

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