Washing Machine Woes

Thursdays are my days off.  I use the term “off” loosely.

Because really, Thursdays are the day that I get caught up, or volunteer or do my Jesus work… just not in the office.

Today, I made hamburger patties for the Bubba Burger Burn at the school.  After hanging out with the Bubbas (the dad volunteers of the school), I headed to the food pantry where I volunteer and then headed to pick up Rhoda’s remains.

(I hate the word remains.  But ashes isn’t all that better either.)

Can I just admit something, right here?  Out loud?

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.  I never thought that I would miss her this much… but I do.  Not only did we get a little box with her ashes but a little baggie with some of her fur, a little card and this…


If you’re local in Roanoke, and you have a pet, please consider Big Lick Vet.  They have been nothing short of amazing when it came to Rhoda.  And no, they didn’t pay me or give me anything to say that.  They are just amazing.

A quick glance at the clock and some not so quick math (curse you math genes for skipping a generation!) I realized that I had a little over an hour before I had to pick up the kids.

Decision time.

What to do for an hour and a half?  I could go home.  I could go to Target (after all, I have a gift card….oh, and you could have one, too if you wanted!).  I could go to the mall.

My life is just so happening.

After I went through all the reasons why I didn’t want to go home or to Target, I finally settled on the library.

My whole reasoning?  It was quiet.

And really?  My house would’ve been, too.

But it needs cleaning.

And they have coffee at the library. (and that’s exactly what I told the barista.)

So here I sit.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been to the library without the kids.  I attempted to find an audio book to listen to since I’m in the car a minimum of 90 minutes every day, but the one I knew I wanted they didn’t have… and then I decided that I needed something that would also be kid friendly.  And then I decided that I should just look online for something I can download to my phone, so that if I got into the book, I didn’t have to wait until I got in the car again… since I have no CD player in my house.

First world problems, I know.

I really probably should’ve gone home and attempted to clean up the mess in the basement.  The washer broke last night and there was water everywhere.  I’m thankful for a husband who took it apart and is getting the part we need today.  Otherwise, I would’ve been using this hour and a half to shop for a new washer.

The problem with the washer breaking is that I was already behind my weekly wash schedule.

(Not that anyone in the house cares but me…)

And, Thing 2 came down frantically needing her uniform washed for today.  Explaining that I was off duty for circumstances out of my control, she was none too happy.

“What will we do?  I NEED my uniform and it stinks,” she exclaimed.  I smelled it.  I was of the opinion that she could slide by with a little Febreeze but I guess when you’re playing in the regional tournament, you want it to be really clean.

Not just spray clean.

After convincing her that 9 at night was too late to ask the neighbors to borrow the washer I told her I would hand wash it.

“Hand wash?” her face had a quizzical expression.

“Yes.  Hand wash.  In the sink.  With some soap and water.  What do you think they did before washing machines?’

So, in the sink at 9:30 at night I hand washed her uniform.

And then I prayed that the part would be available today and that I could have my washing machine back.  It’s not anything spectacular, but as much as I love history, I don’t really want to relive the good ol’ days when it comes to our dirty clothes.

Nope.  I don’t.

I would, however, like to go back to the days when there were no cell phones, caller ID, call waiting or voice mail and answering machines…

but that’s another post for another day…

Until next time…






  1. I think you might’ve crossed a line with the whole “no cell phone thing”. That’s blasphemy!

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