Preparing to Pop the Question…

No, not THAT question…

the “will you be my valentine?” question…. and I’m not asking because I ABHOR valentine’s day, however, my children don’t… and if I didn’t give in to all that is Hallmark on that day, there would be a revolt.

Last year, I got creative with their valentines.

And by creative I mean I stole ideas from others via Pinterest.



I got the idea from here… but it was quite simple… I just took a picture of Thing 4 (holding the wreath I made – instructions here) and doctored it up with Pic Monkey.  (And she helped.)

Fired it off to Walgreens or CVS and had them printed up.

Easy peasy.

Thing 3’s were a little more complicated.

We got the idea here…. (actually, it started off with Julie’s post… and I ended up there…)

So we started off with this picture….


And then doctored it up with Comic Life (which she says is free, but I couldn’t find it for free… so I used a 30 day free trial)… and we came up with this…


We sent that off to Walgreens or CVS…

And when it came back we cut the sides of his fist and inserted a lollipop.


Fairly simple. (It had to be or I would’ve NEVER been able to finish them.)

I was looking for inexpensive and easy and these fit the bill.

How about you?  Store bought or handmade?

Any great ideas?  I have to get them done this weekend!

If you’re looking for other awesome ideas (not mine of course) you can check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board




  1. Those are awesome! Maybe one day I can be creative too haha

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