If you think the teens of today are horrible….

Then you're hanging with the wrong teens.

That's what my friend Nancy says and truthfully, I tend to agree with her.

You see, I've been in on a road trip since Thursday with 4 awesome teens and Friday ended up in Hougton, NY with 51 other teens.

Their purpose?

The Weslyean Bible Bowl National Championship.

It's my 2nd time but for Thing 1, it's his sixth. For Thing 3, it's his first.

There are eleven teams here competing on their knowledge of the book of Romans and James. It's mind blowing. Seriously mind blowing.

And we've had so much fun. From our team building at Hershey Park to the drive to the times in between competitions.

The last two years we came in third. This year? Only God knows…and we'll know tomorrow before we head 10 hours back home.

And then they have a few weeks off before we start the book of Acts and meet again next year in Indiana.

But these kids? These are a few of the kids you should know….

These are a few of the kids you should be proud of….

These are a few of the kids who aren't like “all the others”…

And I'm blessed to be a part of their lives….



  1. I’m so glad you’re having a great time and that the kids are doing so well. I can’t wait to hear how they do. Keep me posted! I’m looking forward to Milton again next year.

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