Random Streams of Consciousness

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Welcome to Desperately Seeking Sanity…I’m Heather, a mostly sane wife and mother of four and I blog humorously about life… Feel free to look around and stay as long as you like. You’re totally allowed to subscribe to my RSS feed if you’re in for the occasional laugh or moving moment. Thanks for visiting and […]

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I Missed a Few Important Dates Around These Parts


So, in all the cruises and traipsing across the country, I missed a few important dates. I mean BIG dates. As in, this blog? TURNED SEVEN! Can you believe that?  I’ve been blogging for seven years… I’ve written nearly 1400 posts… and there are almost 10,000 comments. I can hardly believe it. But February marked […]

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My Five Greatest Accomplishments #30ThingsChallenge

Today’s installment in the 30 Things Challenge involve my greatest accomplishments. As part of making this interesting, I did nail down all five of my immediate family members and asked them what they thought.  In no particular order, here are what my family came up with. Raising Kids Wrote a book Got a book published […]

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Why Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday #30ThingsChallenge

And here we go with the first of 30 things about me that I want my kids to know.  One would think they might already know these things about me, or maybe they don’t.  Maybe they don’t know why. Reality could mean they don’t really care. At least not today at ages 17, 14, 11 […]

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30 Things About Me I Want My Kids to Know #30ThingsChallenge


As I was perusing the internet, killing time, I came across a new blog… Second Chances Girl.  Her first post was the 30 Things Challenge and I thought that would be neat to work through.  I won’t do it in 30 days, but perhaps one or two a week as I work through these.  I’ve […]

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