I’m not alone…

…in my quest for sanity….

Yesterday, I found two blogs that I fell in love with immediately…

In The Trenches of Motherhood and Notes from the Trenches

As I was reading, I wanted to know more about this woman, she fascinated me. I clicked on her about page (on both blogs) and it simply says

I have seven children, what more do you need to know?

I have two…. TWO and I feel like saying the same thing.

So, if you’re a mother, check them out. In the Trenches is featuring an activity that you can do every day in the month of February. Her motto? “We will have fun, dammit.”

‘Nuff said….

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I could so see this happening to me….

…because this is the kind of stuff that happens to me…

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PS. Mom, I don’t have a silver vibrator….


Alcoholic Playdates….

Wine GlassThe Today Show had a story on today about moms who have a glass of wine while their children are playing. Apparently, there’s a big debate over this and I can somewhat see the debate, but not really.

We, as mothers especially, are very selfconscious about what we do and wonder on a continual basis if we are good parents. At least, I know that I do. I don’t think that I’m in the minority either based on what was said this morning on the Today Show. (And, yes, I realize that the Today Show is not the end all, be all.)

I haven’t been to a play date where wine was served. (That would require me to be invited to a play date.) However, I have gone to a friend’s house and relaxed by the pool with a margarita while the kids played. I didn’t think anything of it until this news story came out.

But, if having one glass of wine, or one alcoholic beverage, hinders my ability to be responsible for my children, then what do I do when I am sick and taking cough medicine with codine, or some other prescription that knocks you out in the process of knocking out the illness? I’m a single mom…there is no “designated parent” to come in and help out. It’s me….so what’s the difference?

The author of “Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay” was on the follow up segment today and stated, “If I’m legally allowed to have one drink and drive my car, then why can I not have one drink and take care of my children?” Good point….

So, those are my thoughts…what are yours? (Just please refrain from telling me I’m a horrible mother….I might have to console myself with lots of alcohol and that would endanger my children and it would be all your fault….KIDDING!!)

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We have snow….

If you have followed my MySpace blog you’ll know that I’ve been anxiously awaiting snow here in SW Virginia. The kids have too in all honesty.

I gave up on listening to the weather men. I stopped getting excited if I would see a flurry or two. And today when the snow started, I passed it off as nothing….

But it’s something!!!!!

And it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Of course it would snow today. Tomorrow is super busy for me, but I’m not complaining… 🙂 It’s snowing…I’ll make do and LOVE every minute that they are home…. 🙂

Here are a few pictures…and you can’t do anything but laugh at the last one… 🙂


Catching Snowflakes

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PS. Bear with me as I make some adjustments…in my quest for sanity and the perfect blog, we’ll be redoing things a few times… 🙂


Roanoke Reunion 2007

Once upon a time….there was a group of people who worked at a local television station…

life was good….

but then life wasn’t so good….and the employees started dropping like flies….

and not just to go to other tv stations…some went to different industries…some left the state!

and every once in a while, we all get together with some of the current employees and wonder why they are still there… ha ha ha…

No, in all seriousness, Kara came in from Colorodo (and brought some snow with her!!!) and a bunch of us got together….great times… 🙂






It was a good time and good to see everyone…I feel like I hadn’t seen many of them in months…oh wait…I hadn’t… ha ha

Until next time…